Tuesday, 11 November 2014

T on Tuesday

Yay, I am finally re-joining T on Tuesday with Elizabeth... it has been a while and the kitchen reno took a teeny bit longer than it should have... in fact, it still isn't finished as they are coming next week to remove all the worktops and take them away and template the kitchen again and remake them... and this will be the third time so I sincerely hope they manage to get it right this time round as the stress was seriously messing with my head.
Yes, there is my EAT above the pantry door... it used to be bright yellow and has appeared on T on Tuesday before but now the letters are a pretty smoky gray blue.
and if I turn the pantry light on you can see inside... yep, I love my pantry!!
and a quick one of my Mum investigating the cake situation when she was staying with me a week ago so you can see inside.
and what am I drinking at 8.30 a.m. ?  A green smoothie... spinach, parsley, mango, pineapple, celery all in coconut water... they taste lovely and are a great start to the day and won't appear weird next to Julia's fried milk and Elizabeth's home grown herb teabags!! LOL


  1. Hope the worktops are sorted this time Annette - how frustrating.
    Love your super pantry.
    Toni xx

  2. The new kitchen and pantry look fab...not so sure about the smoothie [green just isn't my colour :-) ].
    Annie x

  3. Oh, I'm SO glad you are sharing at least PART of your kitchen remodel. I can't believe how much stress this has put on you. It reminds me of Annie's moving situation.

    I really like the new red. And, although I had seen the pantry before, I never get tired of seeing your great organized pantry. I also enjoyed seeing the reflection of your kitchen in the glass when the light was out.

    I also enjoyed seeing your mom. It looked like she was finally over her "bug." And is it my imagination, or has she lost a bit of weight?

    Thanks for sharing your awesome pantry and mother with us for T this Tuesday. Please note I said NOTHING about that smoothie (grin)!

  4. Just read your comment on my blog. I saw a red mug when I saw your mom's photo, and I noticed more than one when the pantry door was closed. That would have sufficed for the T post.

    BTW, I didn't drink the tea. I gifted it to a friend who likes spearmint. I have OTHER uses for my mint (grin)! And NO, I'm not going to smoke it, as Julia suggested.

  5. Hello and Happy T Day! WOW, your pantry is awesome! I love that door, so cool as a pantry door. I like the smoky blue color too. Sorry to hear the renovations aren't going well yet, that would drive me crazy too. Hang in there and hope it works this time. Can't wait to see the finished look after this peek.
    Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

  6. A gorgeous pantry. Perhaps that is what I need for my art supplies which are out of hand!

  7. Not just you love this pantry.. I love it as well.... have to steal this idea with the word "eat" - my pantry is just a long small room,but the handiest thing for me..I open the door so often each day ..must be a big fun to have the word EAT on the door!
    What a yummie smoothie!
    Happy T-Day!

  8. WOW! Your pantry is bigger than my first kitchen! I kid you not! Can I move in, especially if you have cake?
    Love the EAT though you can keep your smoothie thanks. I am not a lover!
    PS thanks for your comments earlier.

  9. OMG I would be in heaven with a pantry like yours!! What a shame to have to go through so much during your renovation though. Love the smoky grey/blue color. Wishing you a happy T day-and btw I loved your addendum to your post about the drink:)

  10. OH I'm as green as your smoothie with envy over your pantry. It's my dream to have have one...and a mud room. Just sayin. :)
    Happy T Day!

  11. Your green drink looks and sounds all around excellent!
    AND your pantry is fabulous...
    here's hoping your kitchen redo gets done for you real soon...
    all that upheaval has to be very trying and unsettling!
    Happy T Day to you

  12. Wish I had a roomy pantry like that...and cake too! I hear kitchen renovation is quite stressful so I hope all gets finished smoothly and you get what you were hoping for! happy T day!

  13. Your pantry looks great especially with the lighting. That smoothie looks yummy. One of these days I am going to try it.
    Happy T day

  14. Oh my I do LOVE your pantry!!!!! Mine is too small and always over full because of this . Hopefully your kitchen will be done right this time and you ca relax!!

  15. oooo a walk-in pantry! What a treasure :)

  16. That is an awesome pantry! And what a smoothie!
    Happy T- Day! :)

  17. Oh Annette I a as green as your smoothie over THAT PANTRY!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by for tea, even though I was busy all day being GMA. So Belated T-day wishes.

  18. Hope the worktops get sorted finally for you. I so wish I had a pantry like that - make life an awful lot easier!

    Loving how you've revamped your EAT letters as well, I've just changed some canvases that I had on the stairs due to a colour scheme change!


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