Friday 29 February 2008

21st Album for My Son

First page dedicated to the rest of his life...

I spent ages looking up all sorts of facts from 1987, the year he was born, and added them to pockets in the book.

Little fold out booklet with photos from all the big movies in 1987.

This is the booklet opened up to reveal the movies of the year he was born.

A friend gave him a painting for his 21st of the garage door at parents house in Rora, Peterhead.

News items from 1987... I remember being in hospital after he was born and reading about the Zeebrugge ferry disaster.

Star sign for March.

Photo of him taken when he was up in Scotland on vacation.

Some of the fashions from 1987.... oh boy, can recall those cycle shorts, they didn't leave much to the imagination!

Photo taken at a ruin during the summer.

I made this little dial showing the prices of things like bread, milk and petrol in 1987 and then when you turn the tab, it reveals the prices in 2008 of the same things.

A photo of him and me when he first came home from hospital.

This is the dial turned to the 2008 prices for stuff.... blogger wouldn't load the photos in the order I wanted. :(


  1. Its stunning Annette, but then ALL your books are - pure talent !

  2. A brilliant idea and absolutely gorgeous. I love it - I hope he did too.

  3. Hope he loved this Annette - fab book. Toni

  4. Love your books annette. Especially like the last page on this one. You are the queen of minibooks ~ keep going :)

  5. I've become lost in your blog for 3 hours! I love everything, but am particularly inspired by your son's 21st book. My son is 19 1/2, so if I start NOW, maybe I can get it done in time! If you have a moment, could you give my some guidance on the turning wheel with prices page. I love that idea. Thanks for posting your fab blog.



Thank you for taking the time to leave your comment, it is truly appreciated - sort of confirms that it is more than my Mum and husband that read this thing! :)