Monday, 2 July 2018

Wrap Journal Die with BIA Tutorial

I was playing with my latest Sizzix die - the Wrap Journal by Eileen Hull and found that you can put it into a Bind It All and add o'wires to hold pages and stuff which certainly adds another dimension to it's usage.  Some of the girls on Eileen Hull Facebook page asked if there was a tutorial on how to do it... so here goes!
For this version I chose a sewing theme, I think this will make a fun gift for people that sew and obviously, this is just one version as you can do what ever theme will work for you.  Plain paper for the artists among us, scrap pages to make a memory book, note books etc...
so start with your chipboard, mountboard etc that you are using for the base.  I then covered both sides with patterned paper and used the wrap journal die to cut it out.
I then decided to try my Tim Holtz On the Edge Sewing die but this is an optional step that you can ignore if you want.
but it does look kinda cool! 
I inked the scissors in silver and the cotton reel in brown and added a button to the top of the button piece so that there was some contrast with the plain paper.
Fold the centre line of the spine in half and squeeeeeeze it into the Bind It All (BIA) and then punch the holes through.  It was a tight fit but the BIA cut through all the layers without issue.
Open it out and flatten the centre line down. You can see that I also put the front of the journal piece into a lattice folder and embossed it in the Bigshot... that's optional too... I am just testing some theories as I go along.  
I added some sticky pearls to the front cover... I regretted that decision later as it made the front quite bulky... I would do it to the wrap front piece only next time.
Nope, I haven't lost the plot... those the foam things you put on your toes when you paint your toenails... but I use them for holding bobbins filled with cotton thread because they are brilliant, they hug the bobbin and stop the thread from unwinding!
I cut squares of transparency film for the pages... you can use paper instead if you prefer, it just makes it all very neat and light.
I cut some lengths of paper 1 1/2" wide which I then folded length ways.  These need to be the width of your page.
I used double sided tape to attach the folded paper to the tops of the transparencies and then put all 4 into the BIA and punched holes in them for the pages.
Then you need to put a strip of double side tape on each page and attach the foam toe thingies which are now cool bobbin holders to each one! Voila! 
I added a dangly to the o'wires and filled the holes top and bottom with half pearls, added a cord to tie it shut and that is it done and dusted.  You can see here why I would pass on the half pearls to the front cover next time round... ;)
Hope you have fun with the wrap journal die, it really is a brilliant piece of kit.


  1. What s great idea and fantastic tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Now I have to try it

  2. Oh brilliant, I haven't one of these dies but hope to get one soon and if you don't mind will do your idea only with coloured images of my digi stamps.. Though I do have the Tim Holtz die and could make one of these for my great friend who is fantastic with sewing.. This was a brilliant tutorial. Thank you sew much lol..

  3. Brilliant idea Annette! When I saw your previous pretty wrapped journal on EH FC I thought what a great idea. Now I have just seen your excellent tutorial, I love your innovative idea for storing your spools the TH sewing edge die! I am eager to try this out for myself. Thank you
    for sharing your ideas. I am just off to get the step ladder and retrieve my neglected BIA from the top shelf of my craft room!

  4. So kind of you Annette, thanks a bunch xxx must have taken ages to do, much appreciated .... Clever girl x

  5. Thank you so much for this tutorials. I must now find my BIA lol xx

  6. OK, I don't own a Bind-it-all, I don't own dies, but I followed along mesmerized by what you have accomplished. So many techniques in this tutorial. As someone who won't have any use for it, I still LOVE what you made. And I'm tickled you are posting again. It's a fabulous book for a seamstress. I LOVE IT!!

  7. This is wonderful & thank you so much for the tutorial.
    Toni xx

  8. Wow, that is fantastic! I now need to buy that edge die as it looks so cool - then i can make some of these for gifts - well, can try. No doubt I will be asking questions along the way.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  9. Wow I don’t have a BIA but I might see if the die from last year will work thanks for the inspiration I love the toe holder tip too I do that works fantastic!


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