Sunday, 27 March 2011

Spring has sprung all over the world...

Well, in most places perhaps... at least we are all back to the same time differences that I am used to now that the UK has also sprung forward an hour!!  Weatherwise... it really isn't very springy at all in this part of the world... in fact it's downright Christmassy!  Chris was home today so he helped me shovel the snow off the driveway, which was a bonus!!
This is the street one over from ours.. and this is what it looked like Friday morning.
The hoar frost fascinates me and I have now figured out that if we have a foggy night and then it gets cold, this is the after effects if you get a slight breeze...
We drove the cats to the vets 10 minutes up the road for their yearly shots and the world had turned into a winter wonderland of spikey frozeness...
It's so beautiful to look at... but some warm sunshine and some daffodils peeping through the ground would be pretty welcome about now too!
Just shades of white....  oooh just reminded me of a song from youth... a whiter shade of pale... who sang that?
So I woke up Saturday morning expecting it all to have disappeared, as the hoar frosts are very temporary...
but no, everything is still spikey and frozen!
There were long icicles hanging from the shed roof - but my camera doesn't appear to have captured them very well.
All the fir trees are looking very festive... as though Santa were about to pay a visit!
I took this one of my deck to show the spikes... I call it hedgehog snow!! ;)
So here I am with my pastel papers and my little chick hatching out of Easter egg stamp and I really can't get my head around making Easter cards whilst outside looks like December...


  1. What beautiful, beautiful photos - even if you wish winter would finish!! Whiter Shade of Pale - Procul Harum.

  2. Brrrrr... I am cold just looking at that. It is beautiful though, when you can just look at the photo's and enjoy the South African sun.

  3. Brrrrr... I am cold just looking at that. It is beautiful though, when you can just look at the photo's and enjoy the South African sun.

  4. It's the same here, and I am so tired of the white thing... Spring will come...
    Michelle *Ü*

  5. god, i feel so bad answering you this way - i don't have your email :)
    you can use matte medium instead of the gel if you want.

  6. Oh Annette, what beautiful photos but I can understand the "too much of a good thing" as far as the pretty scenery & snow goes...made me think of the start of the story 'Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe' where everything in Narnia is frozen...

    Toni xx

  7. Its hard to imagine all that snow when we have spent the afternoon sitting in the garden. Lovely photos though.

  8. yes I think even I would be sick of the sight of snow by now!! It shouldn't be around for too much longer now though :)) ...... will it??

  9. What wonderful photos, I Love wintery photos.
    By the way. Procal Harem sang A Whiter Shade Od Pale. :-)

  10. Wow! that must have been a shock to your system. I live in greater Vancouver and it is sunny today and wouldn't have dreamed about snow. YUK! It must be a culture shock from Saudi Arabia etc.

  11. Oh my, all that gorgeous snow! Love the "hedgehog snow", very cute! It's getting colder here, not warmer, and I welcome the winter, but maybe not *that* much snow. :D

  12. This is absolutely gorgeous scenery, and all so beautiful. However, I know you MUST be tired of this. It is raining here at the moment and may change to snow before noon today. So glad Chris was there to help with this round of shoveling. You guys will buy a snow blower before long, I suspect!

  13. So gorgeous, and if the sun and blue sky appears, it's even more amazing!

  14. My goodness, these are beautiful photographs, but where are the spring flowers??

    Thanks for your comment. Just realised what you meant about quarantine. I live in the UK, so I hope the quarantine laws don't apply to taking a cat on a short ride.

    I seem to have lost touch with your blog as I don't do WOYWW these days. I will be back, though to see what I am missing.
    Hope you get some warmer weather soon.
    Sue xx

  15. Absolutely beautiful pictures, nature is truly amazing. I think in Canada March is still very much a winter month, unless you're somewhere close to one of the coasts! Hope Chris enjoyed his stint of shoveling! You really need to get a snow blower before the next winter.



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