Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tea on Tuesday

You know when you get one of those days when you wake up and the sun is streaming in through the windows and everything seems so much nicer?  Well, that is today!  The Chinook wind has warmed us up into positive numbers and the snow is melting big time and maybe I will make it through this first long winter in Canada after all!!
Now, you can see that I am really trying quite hard for Tea on Tuesday... as my cup of tea this morning is perhaps the only tea not made from tea leaves that I like!  I first tasted it as a cold drink in Egypt and was most surprised that it was nice.  It also has the prettiest colour... a deep velvety red which might be interesting for dumping lace in to see how it would turn out.  Just behind my tea cup you will see my Splender sweeteners, which brings me to ask a question of anyone living in North America.... why can't I buy those here?  Why don't you have them?  All I can find in Splender are little paper sachets that are messy and not very eco friendly!!  My little box of Splender contains 500 dinky tablets that dispense through a hole in the bottom... neat and easy and even though Splender is an American company they don't do the tablet dispensers here or in the States... only in the UK!!  Why? 
Kimmie, the hostess of Tea on Tuesday can be found here with the linky thing so you can go check out the other tea ladies.... hmmm, why does that not sound quite right?  so you can go check out the other ladies that drink tea!!  Yes, that sounds better!! ;)


  1. My Dearest Mrs Voodoo,

    here's how it goes,

    I love my work,

    I have tried to quit and i am on a four year withdrawal plan, but I LOVE my work,

    I do not love getting there and back and the bureaucracy that gets fat off the hard graft I do,

    I do not love that people call themselves by the same professional title as me and do not behave Professionally which makes me instantly want to leave and change my name and pretend I never did do the same job,

    I am stupid enough to think I make a difference and if I wasn't there a little more misery would go unnoticed and unrelieved. My best moemnt s are taking a person from 'I want to die' to ' so I have something to live for?"

    I love being a working fully fledged communist but recognise my taxes do not go to the poor they further line the pockets of the politically correct rich.

    Niall has offered to have me be a Kept women and hide my unsavory political beliefs in the house,

    and it is tempting,

    but I Do Love my Work and being Who I Am amongst many others who are different.

    Must finish your doll... hahaha..

    it is a skeleton at the moment, Amy's has finally got dressed but got very drunk yesterday and needed a little help this morning, which distracted me from yours...

  2. O I love hibiscus tea, too!! it is really nice iced, my favorite way to drink it. Did you know it is also good for high blood pressure. Yup, just a little factoid you may or may not find useful.
    As for the sweetener dilemma, I haven't a clue. I don't sweeten my teas. But at least you know where you can find it ;-)
    Happy T on T

  3. that is a gorgeous cup of tea...Love that you think of using it as dye too!

    happy T to you

  4. All I can say about the sweetner dilemma is, contact the company. :) I use Truvia (from the stevia plant) or honey, neither of which come in a tablet form. :)

    I ran out of black tea two days ago and started climbing the walls. I have herbal teas in my cabinet (for my kids and visitors), but do not prefer them myself. I MADE SURE to buy black tea today at the store.
    aaaaaahhhhh- I am feeling better now after a pot full.

  5. That tea reminds me of one of my favorite flavorings of cake "red velvet." Hmmmm, wondering if they make a red velvet tea. And as for not being able to buy Splender, that's bizarre...I love the idea of a Chinook wind blowing here, but in Southern California we have hot and dry Santa Ana winds. So, I'll live vicariously through you as the wind blows. Thanks for the delicious cup of tea.

  6. Bet there's some trace of soemthing in tablet form that scared the Food Administration too much...a bit like the tea if you ask me! Just dump some lace in then see how it tastes!!

  7. I saw the little tablets years ago, but don't know what happened. I use agave nectar myself. I used to use stevia, and still do on occasion. Sometimes I even use real sugar. LOL

  8. I love hibiscus tea .... Red Zinger from Celestial Seasonings, it's not purely hibiscus, as it does have other things in it .... But it does dye fabrics and paper beautifully too! As far as sweeteners .... It's only sugar or honey here .... Although I used to keep packets of sweet'n low or splenda on hand for my stepdad when he pops in. Now he just packs his own in his wallet ... Or uses sugar :)

    Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  9. The tea looks interesting - never tried that type...mind you I'm not a great tea person full-stop.

    Can't wait to see some lace that has been tea'd

    Toni xx

  10. Voodoo,
    Listen.... I thought that was a cigarette lighter behind your tea cup. I really did.
    It looks like the kind you see at gas station pay counters. The ones that people click incessantly to show you that they have no manners or are even worse of an addict than you thought? Right.
    So that's what I thought that was.

    And all I could think was that you really Are Nothing like you seem.
    But then I thought about it a little more.
    And I realised that if you Were a hard core smoker, and
    if you Were totally addicted to clicking a lighter and smoking crack or meth or whatever,
    You WOuldn't photograph it.

    So it's a sweetener, eh?

    I see that my doll got really drunk last night.
    Naughty (oh. I almost wrote a bad word on your blog - eeks, that's my blog where that flies, not here)
    Jeez. I need to stop typing.

  11. So glad you have survived your Winter in Canada. Your hibiscus tea sounds interesting. We have Hibiscus flowers preserved in syrup that we add to champagne. It has no real flavour but it looks very pretty. Happy Tea Tuesday to you.

  12. I can almost smell your tea from here. mmmm so good.

    I can't answer your question about Splender in the nifty container...guess the Brits just have a better idea. :)

    I hope your day continued on the sunny path it started!

    Happy Tday to you!


  13. We don't need sweetener, we're all sweet enough, lol--sorry, couldn't resist :)
    Happy T day to you.

  14. Yes, I'm horribly late today. I simply have no excuse, except I fell into a cough syrup induced sleep, woke a few hours ago, wrote a few words of text to you, fell back asleep, and woke looking at your dining room table.

    The snow is melting? What wonderful news. I suspect the hibiscus leaves had something to do with spring happening. OK, maybe not, but I've never had hibiscus before, which I'm sure is FAR more enjoyable than the cough syrup I consumed.

    I don't use sugar in my drinks, at least not the most part, so not having heard of these sugar cubes isn't anything new to me. However, I will look the next time I'm at the supermarket. Sounds like an efficient and economical way to keep and administer sugar substitute.

    BTW, if you don't use that tea bag holder in your art, you can send it to me. Anything that has more than one language is perfect in my book.


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