Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tea on Tuesday

For my tea this Tuesday I am having Hibiscus again... a different brand though.  This is a packet I brought with me from Saudi Arabia.  (Yes, Elizabeth, I will save you the packaging)!

It's such a pretty ruby red colour, not sure it shows up in the photo though.
My serviette makes me smile... (decorated paper napkin for Elizabeth)

and I thought I would share the instructions on how to brew your cup of Hibiscus tea...  which looks a little odd.... place teabag in cup for 2 - 5 minutes.... add water from kettle.... boil kettle of water.... eh? LOL
Now think Arabic and read from right to left.... still not sure why a man = a teabag? 
and now I have enjoyed my cup of tea I must go and shovel snow from the driveway and path... this little lot arrived last night whilst I slept.
Spring?  Did someone mention it's now spring?  Daffodils flowery, crocii peeping through the ground?
My neighbours reindeer still have their little feet frozen into the ground and can't be removed!!  I told him not to bother, another few weeks and we will no doubt be decorating for Christmas again anyway!!
Tootle over to Kimmie and check out the ladies that 'do tea'... they will no doubt have lovely springy pictures of flowers in bloom and be residing on their terrace in the warm!!


  1. OOOOhhh I love hibiscus tea and also hibiscus sangria. Used to make it all the time from our dried hibiscus petals. Happy tea day and so sorry it is still so cold where you are.

  2. It sounds delightful. That cake looks gorgeous too.

  3. That tea looks lovely but the snow doesn't. I can well understand you feeling fed-up with all that white stuff.

    Sending hugs
    Toni xx

  4. oo i bet you could boil up some of those tea bags, reduce the liquid and dye things in it.....happy t day! your little napkin sure says it all!!

  5. that tea looks very refreshing, the packaging is gorgeous too lol.

  6. Ack! is that snow AND Christmas reindeer! o lord, to much for my eyes to take.
    I love that deep red color of your tea, like liquid rubies for sure.
    Man=teabag, hmmm I will need time to ponder that one. Perhaps in arabic the woman takes a back seat as a tiny caricature, too. Who knows.
    Happy T on T. Sending warm sunshine and buckets of daffodils your way!

  7. I simply love hibiscus tea. I usually bring several packages from my visits back to Germany. I don't find it very easily here in the US. However, at Trader Joe's I always buy a great juice blend of hibiscus and cranberry. At least something...

  8. Crazy book and journal lover... hello from south africa :o)

  9. We had the same cloud---did you send it over the mountains :)
    Our 4 inches is melted already--wish the rest would go!
    Your tea is such a gorgeous colour, makes one want to colour something with it....lace....
    Happy T day

  10. I love the directions in Arabic ..... Wonder what man=teabag could mean .... Maybe it's a hot man :)

    I have my eye on that pastry you've got there .... Looks mighty tasty .... That snow on the other hand - yuk!!! I am so sorry!!

    In the meantime, trust me, spring is on it's way - we'll try our best to share it!

    Cheers an happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  11. No,
    it is NoT
    fair that E gets the packaging.


    No it is not fair.

  12. your ruby red tea looks delicious!
    thank you for another fun tea post
    Happy T Tuesday to you

  13. That tea looks yummy! Love looking at the packaging from other countries, too. Very interesting.
    Take care,

  14. Just catching up with blog posts I've missed over the last few days - love the spring like feel of the cups of tea and then jar dropping snow piccies! Hope you managed to clear the snow!

  15. We've had two - count them TWO sunny days here in Kent! I spotted my first butterflies of the year yesterday - I was so excited! Am hoping that means winter is finally gone.

    You will adore your dolly. Mine isn't a troublemaker like yours, she's quite shy but I love her to bits *g*

    That mailbox is absolutely stunning. Definitely an improvement.

  16. Like the others have said, I also love the taste and scent of hibiscus tea. Perfect to dream about far off, exotic lands that beckon you with sunshine while reindeer are frozen to the ground, LOL! Thanks for the lovely cup of tea and I love the miniatures you've decorated. So whimsical and wonderful.

  17. I wrote a long involved comment on Tuesday and thought I had sent it. Somehow it didn't get sent, so here I am writing something again.

    First, thanks for being so sweet to make it so those of us who live in the states know what a serviette is. And the one you chose on Tuesday was wonderful and full of joy and happiness.

    It's too bad you had to get out and shovel the snow again. I got a real hoot out of the deer being frozen in their places. I also got a big grin out of the tea making instructions. One man equals one bag. Shows the culture in more ways than one.

    Hope you had a great Tea Tuesday. Guess I'm late at everything I do lately.


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