Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tea on Tuesday - My first!

Elizabeth has been inviting me to share Tea on Tuesday for quite a while... but I only drink 'proper' tea and figured visitors might be a tad disappointed  to find how boring I am!!  Anyways, I promised I would have Tea on Tuesday this week and see if I get drummed out of the tea club or not!! LOL  Of course, Elizabeth then decides to go gallivanting (isn't that the most wonderfully descriptive word)? off to California where the sun is shining and she can have freshly squeezed orange juice with her breakfast and has left me to do tea alone...
and one is a lonely number when it comes to tea because half the fun is sharing it with someone else... so, please, pull up a chair, let me pour you a cup of tea and we can chat of mundane things like the weather or why a certain actress thought that dress was a good idea at the Oscars...
and I will even find you a cake or shortbread biscuit...
and yes, it is a very plain tea... each time Chris and I end up in a new country our first shopping trips are to find my tea.... or a reasonable likeness to my tea!  This entails buying all the teas and then trying them out till I hit on the one that resembles 'my tea' the most!  I was quite lucky when we got to Canada as I spotted the Yellow Lable packaging in the first supermarket we went into and as it was the one I drank in Saudi Arabia I knew everything was going to be fine and I could live here!! ;)
If you would like to check out the other ladies who are partaking of tea.... Kimmie is the hostess with the mostess!!


  1. Your tea set up is a real show stopper :)
    And I think James Franco should never wear hot pink .... What was he thinking!?

    Thanks for joining us today! It was fun to have you .... Any friend of E's is a friend of mine :)

    Happy tea day! Cheers!

  2. Sorry you were alone for your tea but I was with you in spirit - and I pinched a shortbread LOL

    Love your china - doesn't fun china make things seem even more special.

    Toni xx

  3. What the hell!
    You are so much more interesting and exotical than me.
    I don't like that.

    That pastry thing looks pretty damn good.

    See, I am hungry and all hung up in here doing transfers.

    That's a load of crap.
    You are having some delicious tea and good stuff,
    you've been to neat places,
    and you make good stuff.

    Now I am very glad that you joined in for Tuesday tea -

  4. Oh yum...that's not fair this time of day. I have a hard time not eating from 2-3...old habit from when the kids used to nap. I'd watch my soap and have a snack. They're 8 and 11 now and my soap is off the air...you'd think I could quit!!
    Welcome to Tea Tuesday!

  5. Your table and tea lay out is so beautiful. It reminds me of a fresh country morning. I could just taste the pastry and loved all the bright colors everywhere. Thank you for a wonderful cup of tea :)

    The Year of the Cats

  6. Your tea time looks gorgeous, I would think the bisquits look so delish :) Anyone who wears a Tiara is most welcome in my books :) glad you joined!

  7. Ok, I would die for that pastry. It looks beyond scrumptious!
    I don't know what this Tea Tuesday is, but I will have to check it out!
    PS...my personal fave tea is: Yorkshire, of course :)

  8. And you thought I would go off and forget you. But here I am and really LOVE that you joined today. And here I am in Kingman, AZ typing on a laptop. We are staying with a friend of Scott's dad. More as I am on the road..Elizabeth

  9. Ooooooh ! Your tea table looks so pretty and inviting. I am a plain tea drinker too, nothing too fancy but am always game to try something new. Is that a little puff-pastry square filled with jam and cream I spy on that cute little fluted dish ? In Australia we call them " matches" and they are a favourite. Thanks for joining us for tea today.

  10. I love everything about your tea post and hope you will come back next Tuesday.

    Your shortbread looks wonderful. Is it homemade? A recipe would be a wonderful thing to share. :)

    Glad you found "your" tea.


  11. I will gladly join your "boring tea" club, since my FAVORITE tea is simply BLACK! I used to be a Twinings purist, but it got to be expensive to be so exclusive, so now I drink anything cheap. By the pot. And my water is NEVER, EVER microwaved. I have scruples. heehee

    I love your frilly serving pieces and your cakes and biscuits are to die for!

  12. WElcome to Tea Tuesday!!! Glad you could join us....looking forward to visit ...

  13. What a lovely tea you've set! Everything looks scrumptious! Thank you for stopping by my first Tea on Tuesday. I'm so glad I stopped at yours!

    (Unable to add my URL here. It is http://blog.sweetsoliloquies.com/blog.)

  14. What a lovely tea you've set! Everything looks so scrumptious! Thank you for stopping by my first Tea on Tuesday. I'm so glad I stopped at yours!


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