Friday, 13 September 2013


Now I have managed to clear up after the fairy castle... isn't amazing just how far glitter can travel?  I thought I would continue with my self-imposed challenge of using all my TH dies... and it seemed like a good idea to make cards.
I wanted a card to go with the blogoversary giveaway... so used good ole Graphic 45 Communique papers and the lovely vintage telephone die.  I had some awesome black cardboard packaging from some David Yurman perfume which was glossy and shiny and looks like the old plastic stuff that phones were made from.
and I had enough of it to make a typewriter version
then I thought I would get clever (always a bad idea) and do one with a dictionary page as a background, it definitely needs something else... just not sure what!
and I was on the slippery slope downhill from there... but I did use the hanging sign die!  I don't have the rosette die so I had to make my own version. 
and I stamped the backs with this... I love this stamp, it just makes me smile because people are never sure if I will or not.... ;)


  1. I love your cards but have to say I really chuckled at the stamp you use on the back :-) I'm not surprised they get worried with a name like Voodoo Vixen lol
    Annie x
    ps the fun pages are being well tested over at my blog this morning :-)

  2. That is the funniest stamp I have seen to date!

  3. Your cards are fab but that stamp made me burst out laughing,love it x

  4. I'd never seen that telephone until I saw it on Julia's desk this week. At least you can mark three more dies off your list.

    Although I've seen that stamp before (on your blog, not on any of the things you've sent me), it is still one that makes me laugh each time I think of you using it!

  5. Great cards Annette.

    I've always loved your stamp - I'm not sure I would have the nerve to use one like that LOL

    Toni xx

  6. I love that stamp too. Is it one you had made? Your cards are great, I don't think your dictionary one needs any more, it looks great as it is, but you could always put a little jar of tippex beside it lol.


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