Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I am still working on the mini book that you make from one sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock... it's coming together gradually and once I have this one under my belt I think any more will go a lot faster!
I just got back from the hairdressers... noticed that Julia has the post up so this is going to be ultra short and sweet this week! LOL
I'm trying to figure out what I can do with these... any suggestions very welcome!  See, this is the hoarder in me... I cannot throw these out and I have loads... because it what my teabags are boxed in! Yep, I drink a lot of tea!!
so far I have used them inside my drawers to keep my inks and little bits organised...
and those little stamps that get lost when you put them in a big basket or box...
But there must be something else I can do with them!


  1. Hello again, yep another week. you and my daughter would get along great.. she also drinks a lot of tea. I don't blame you for keeping the boxes they look to good and will make great storage of some kind. Thanks for the peek and have a great day. Roberta 7

  2. Glad to know there are others out there trying to salvage whatever comes their way. I've wanted to clear out, but as soon as I do I need whatever it was so it creates a
    deli ma for me. Good use for organizeing though. I like the papers you are using for the mini book. Enjoy WOYWW

  3. I can't wait to see that album when it's finished. Happy crafting #1

  4. Oh my goodness, I am a hoarder and drink lots of tea, but have never thought of saving the boxes! I have saved lots of other boxes , though! LOL. I love the fact that you are making mini albums. They look wonderful. Happy WOYWW!

  5. They look handy little boxs don't they.... Could you fit 6x4 photos in them and use them for photo storage maybe even put a number of them in a larger outer box?

  6. Great papers for the mini book! I would keep those boxes too! I'm sure they will come in handy for something :)
    Have a good week,
    RosA # 27

  7. You seem to have thought of lots of uses for the boxes... they seem quite narrow.. but I have every faith in your ability to come up with something amazing to do with them...
    Have a great week. Helen 22

  8. get onto split coast stamps, the stampin up gals make tea bag holders as gifts...hard to explain but of course, those boxes are perfect!! Your mini books look fab, and far more complicated than the ones I was making!!

  9. How good are you at reusing all those boxes.. They look like such a handy little size great in the drawer for dividers.
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy :) #36

  10. Hi.
    Loving having a peek at your world today. It all looks like fun from here. That is a lot of tea! Loving the colours of your mini album too.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week.

  11. You have been putting those boxes to good use with your storage. How about decorating a few as Halloween treat bags?

    Toni xx

  12. Those boxes have made fab compartments in your drawers! I love it when items are sorted and stashed away neatly....sigh, that makes me sound REALLY old........ ;-)
    The only thing I thought of was covering them in Christmassy Paper, filling them with sweeties and giving them to local charities to fundraise.
    Hugs, LLJ 58 xx

  13. I am loving the book you are making with a 12x12 sheet and would love to see it finished. Are there any instructions anywhere that shows how to make it.
    Your boxes look to be great storage and I think they look great inside your draws I wondered if you could stack them and use them to store ink or pens in?
    Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
    Ria #61

  14. Those tea boxes have made perfect drawer organisers Annette.....if only I drank tea eh? :-)
    A x # 64

  15. The mini is looking fab! Do love the paper you're using. The boxes look a bit small so I'd use them for gears, beads and then similar your uses. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #3

  16. Those mini books are looking great! I am such a hoarder myself and I wouldn't be able to resist those boxes! Looks like you've put them to good use already! I can't think of anything else, but I'm sure some brilliant desker will come up with something soooo don't throw them away or put them in the recycling!!! Of course you won't! Julie Ann xx #45

  17. First thing that came to mind was recipe card make as gifts for Christmas.

  18. I too love a good box.Containers...I try to contain sort and organize but it gets crazy sometimes when I pull it all out.
    Be well Thanks for the peek
    #92 Carole

  19. I made the mistake of teaching my girls at school how to make those mini books and now they are driving me bonkers. Every piece of creative writing is handed in in a different variation of the book. LOL At least they are having fun I suppose and i am getting some great looking homework.
    Love the colours you are using and i am still giggling at the picture of you and the mail spider in my head.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #40

  20. WoW - such a cool use for the boxes as dividers - brilliant !!! :-D


    IKE in Greece #49

  21. A very tidy workspace and TFS xx Jan (80)

  22. think that's a brill idea! esp. for keeping those wee stamps where you can see - and use! - them!
    happy WOYWW and have a fun week :)
    no. 39

  23. Brilliant little organiser boxes - I am sure one of our creative friends will come up with a fab idea for up-cycling them. x Jo

  24. I'm surprised you of all people can't think of something to do with all those boxes!! I like the idea of arranging them in a bigger box, or just arranging them and securing them all together somehow... a bit like those printers trays that cost an arm and a leg!

    Brenda 14

  25. I was going to suggest stamp storage but you beat me to it! You're right though they're too good to throw away. MMx #107

  26. The mini is lovely. I think you have done a great job with the organization and recycle of the tea boxes. Happy Wednesday. Peg 105

  27. can't wait to see the book. Anne x #112

  28. Those boxes make great drawer dividers for sure. I'm not sure what else to do with them but I can appreciate a good box when I see one. Methinks that you do drink a bit of tea though. I've made those mini books with one sheet of 12x12 before. You are right, once you muddle your way through one of them any further ones are a snap.

  29. I am loving the look of your mini book and can't wait to see it finished. Your tea boxes are just darling and I am sure very versatile. I bet you get lots of suggestions. I am not quite sure how big they are, but perhaps you could decorate with paper and use them to hold sets of coordinating cards and envies and give as gifts. Have a great week! Danie #38

  30. That mini is looking great so far. But then I always think of you as the Queen of Minis in my head! Storage seems the perfect use for the boxes, but maybe a super deep printers tray sort of arrangment? Might be a bit daunting, and then there is where do you display it....


    Happy (now my internet is back) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (5)

  31. Talk about being late. That is my middle name this month.

    It's amazing what photography can do to distort the size of something. Had you not shown these in a drawer, and had I not known the size of the cat's eye inks, I would have thought those boxes were HUGE. Like something a stereo might come in.

    Once I saw the size, I thought of your Tim Holtz boxes. Like the set you turned into a house while in Canada. Covered with paper, or painted in bright colors, then glued together, these boxes could become a nice wall hanging. A bit of reinforcement might be needed for the bottom of some if the items you put in them are heavy, but that's what scraps are for.

    Now I'm off to "inspect" your finished mini book.

  32. I'm a tea addict too! Love the use of the boxes to keep the drawers neat and tidy, so much easier to find everything. Sorry I am so late in visiting, work got on top of me. Happy Belated WOYWW. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#76)

  33. What about using covering the outside with some Christams themed paper and filling them with fudge and then pop them into a cello bag?
    That's all I can come up with...sorry!

  34. From one hoader to another - great way to upcycle. :-) April #115


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