Tuesday, 10 September 2013

T on Tuesday

I am once more joining Elizabeth for T on Tuesday... with coffee and banana bread... not a T in sight! LOL I baked the banana bread yesterday evening so there is plenty to spare!
Yesterday, whilst watering the garden, I found a teeny weeny lemon on the lemon Tree! (I knew if I kept going I would find a T for something)  I have since been and checked on it about 20 million times and it hasn't grown or turned yellow, so I think some patience is called for! 
and look what was lurking beneath my computer desk.... now there is a T for you... Terrified! This thing was huge and could really move and its huge bulging eyes reflected red when I shone a torch at it.  OK, it doesn't look too healthy in this photo, which is a bit out of focus, but it had been doused with half a can of Mortein at this stage and I still didn't want to get too close to get a good photo in case it revived itself and took revenge for being sprayed!
and to finish on a lovely T... here is Tom-Tom out in the cat run peering around the wall at me!


  1. You are TOO funny. That lemon definitely has a way to go before it can be picked. Patience is definitely a virtue. To live in a climate where one can grow, would be a joy. Your climate must be very temperate.

    That spider would have scared me, too. I'm like you. No capture and release for this gal. Spray and pray would be my motto!

    Tom-Tom is SO funny. I love that photo of him. You need to scrap that photo. And the cat head behind him is the perfect addition. Really, really LOVE that photo.

    Thanks for sharing T today in so many, many ways!

  2. You could always have a Lime instead of a lemon, LOL...a bit of banana bread would be lovely thank you, love Tom Cat, and sorry not to terrified, about the spider, I like them, LOL xxx

  3. Banana bread...mmmm.

    Lucky you having your very own lemon growing but not so lucky with the spider - yuck!

    That really is a super photo of Tom-tom.

    Enjoy your coffee & cake.

    Toni xx

  4. At least it wasn't T for Tarantula...


  5. Is it a Huntsman spider? I am told that they are big and can move really fast. Nearly as fast as I moved when I pulled a book from the shelf in the hall and a huge, I mean HUGE black spider with legs thick as matchsticks ran out after the book. In the split second before I dropped the book and ran shrieking past Mr M I though it was going to grab the book and drag it back onto the shelf. When I had stopped running I realised that I would have let it! Mr M 'dealt' with it.

  6. Eeeek! I'd have moved out by now...taking Tom-Tom and Pandy with me!

  7. banana bread! now i'm hungry ;)

    i'm better about spiders than i used to be. i used to run screaming at the sight, but now i can deal with it. i feel brave lol even when it's just a small spider.

  8. Oooo a baby lemon!! So jealous. Ours flowered this year but produced nothing. Weirdos. Tom Tom, what a handsome peeping tom. LOL
    Happy T today

  9. I did snitch a taste of banana bread, thank you very much. Your spider is one that would have made me jump, and probably gone into heart failure LOL! Nasty things, I try to keep the outside of the house, and the bottom of the inside walls sprayed with Home Defense. It means rotating the dog inside and out for about 60 minutes while it dries, but she doesn't mind (very much).
    Have patience your lemon will be just perfect for you in it's own time.

  10. I fully expect to see lemonade or tea with lemon in one of your future posts. I would have used the whole can on that spider!

  11. oh, yummy bread...and love that cup! I am with you on the spider though-not lovin' that, though I am not too squeamish about them but could certainly do without them in the house. and I have my share...Happy Tuesday!

  12. Your cup is perfect and the banana bread looks most inviting as well...
    Lucky you being able to grow lemons!
    Tom-Tom sure is a cute kitty kat!!!
    Happy T Day

  13. Hmmm, there seems to be a lesson here. Never, never ever, look under your computer desk, LOL!

    Hope you were able to drink your coffee in peace after spotting that visitor.


  14. Hi VV, thanks for visiting, and both dogs are partial to sheep poo, we have to check when they get back to the car because they will find the biggest bit to take home!

    It's sod's law the camera thing! I can lug it round and not take one, or leave it and see loads. Today I made Shaun turn the car round and park up while I took a photo of a load of starlings sitting on a power cable over the road!

    Cazzy x

  15. I forgot to say, I saw a huge spider on the stairs, and it JUMPED OFF! I didn't see where it went then but I suspect my craft room!

  16. You would never be able to visit my home. I have spiders everywhere. All types, shapes and sizes. It took a long time to get over the fear. I was even bitten by a brown recluse ... and lived. So I respect them and relocate the big guys to the shed or a nearby farm. But I am outnumbered.

  17. Ok...I went from ...yum to cool to yikes to aww all in one post. LOL That spider was gross!! Its making me feel all creepy crawly.

  18. I would love some banana bread right now. That spider would have scared me for sure!!! How cute and sneaky is that cat!!

    LOVE LOVE the post above, WOW you are amazing to decorate and come up with this. LOVE IT!

  19. Thanks for your T visit! I'm a bit late getting around, but I've made it at last. You have such lovely photos--the garden shot, your adorable kitty, and the yummy-looking banana bread. Of course, the spider isn't lovely; I'd be terrified too. Normally I don't mind spiders, but there are very dangerous ones in Australia, right? Well, it looks like this one won't be doing you any harm. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!


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