Tuesday, 3 September 2013

T on Tuesday

I am joining Elizabeth for T on Tuesday with frothy coffee in my Keep Calm and Keep Crafting mug!  Oh and yes, that is one very large Bisto gravy tub that I am planning to have a play with.
I did alter this Pringles chips tub earlier... it is a small one as I have learned that I if I open a Pringles chips I tend not to know when to stop! I now only buy the little ones... and I stop that much sooner! ;)
This is what it turned into... I used Graphic 4 Secret Garden papers and it turned out a very pretty little cotton reel.
This is the top of it... and the flower was made using my tattered florals Tim Holtz die... see, I am still trying to use all my dies!!
This is the other side of the reel showing the dangly hanging from the lid.  The little chipboard bits on the dangly are the offcuts from the bird cage die I cut a few days ago... and if you look closely at the lid...
the little chipboard petals? They are the offcuts from the top half of the bird cage die... LOL... waste not, want not... 
I gave the cotton reel to my doctor when I went to see her yesterday as a thank you, she has been so sweet removing my mole thing and then having to go through the allergic reaction to the non allergic tapes and half the stitches one day and the other half a couple of days later because she couldn't re-tape the wound and then it got infected... poor woman probably wonders what she got herself into agreeing to treat me! LOL

If you would like a chance to win a cotton reel, go to my Blogoversary post!


  1. Once again, you have proven you are truly the Queen of Embellishments, and THIS time using up your scraps. This is one super reel.

    I'm really loving this die series. I'm glad you are finding ways to use them. After all, they cost you money, so why not get the most out of them.

    I feel I'm going to need that mug in about a week or so (grin). Keep it warm (or cold, as the case may be) in case I need to escape my house and come for a visit!!

    Happy T dear friend.

  2. I forgot to say I bet your Dr. was very impressed with your art. I know I AM!

  3. Very pretty! Did you put non allergic tape in it for her? LOL
    I love the use of the scrap embellishments, very clever.
    Happy T day!

  4. Oh no! I am allergic to the stuff too, it is a nightmare! How to make a bad situation worse...ask our skin! Love this cotton reel too.

  5. Oh this is beautiful Annette and what a lovely gift for your Dr. Hope everything is healing well now.

    Gosh, I haven't had Pringles in ages - must have a look out for some (shouldn't be a problem as the supermarkets here are already stacking the shelves with Christmas treats).

    Toni xx

  6. WOW, I truly love this, and am on you on the eating of pringles, LOL...looking forward to seeing your Bisto creation xxx

  7. WOW WOW WOW!! I will never look at a Pringle can the same again. This is BEAUTIFUL!! Would never think it to be a can, WOW!! What a thoughtful gift for your doctor too. Sorry for the bad time you had with the bandages, how awful.

    I agree with Elizabeth, you are a queen with embellishments, truly amazing to see this!!

    Pringles are one of my favorites too and the can only lasts about 2 or 3 days at my house. They are a rare treat about once a month. Great idea to get the smaller can, you can't just stop at one or five or the whole can, lol.

    Have a great day and thanks so much for sharing this beautiful art with us!

  8. You are just so good with your altering. which is inspiring me for my next Spellbinders project.

    I have these little rolls from the ATM machine we use at work and have been collecting them, they are about 2 inches long and 2 cm in width, would you like some?
    Bridget #4

  9. that is by far the prettiest chip can EVER!
    Happy T to you today

  10. oh, wow! that is just beautiful!

    i understand the pringles "thing". they don't last anytime around here lol

  11. This is stunning and I cannot believe that its a pringles can. I did laugh thought... I have the same problem when I open a can... just don't know when to stop.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece.

  12. you are a girl after my own heart recycling anything that holds still ;)
    WOWEE on the reel you gave your doctor (who by the way could be giving you a gift after all the extra stuff you went thru !!!)
    Beautiful creating!
    Happy T to ya (oh and I found the Oaten biscuits very chewy and healthy tasting ;))

  13. That is beautiful! waste not, want not is my motto as well.
    I'm allergic to that tape too. Frustrating!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  14. This one is so delicate & feminine with the roses, colors & pearls! I love the fact that you even use the "waste" if I dare call it that!

    Happy T Tuesday!

  15. Oh I want that mug! I love your cotton reel and I wonder if you left it so it still opens or if it is for decoration only.

    Lucky doctor, that sounds like all my medical treatment, that sort of thing usually happens to me! I hope you are OK now, and there are less wasps around this week, or maybe because we aren't going out. One wanted to get in my car boot with my shopping this afternoon, I had fruit, but I managed to shoo it out, I do try and keep still - depends how close they get! Anyway thanks for visiting me, I think I will visit everyone then I will be caught up!

    Cazzy x

  16. One would never guess the humble beginnings of your beautiful piece. Love that you use all your "scraps". I think scraps make things all the more interesting.


  17. How lovely! I especially like the ribbons, the charms dangling off the edge, and the use of off cuts. Happy T Tuesday!


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