Wednesday 30 April 2014


It is Wednesday and that means its desk time with What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday lead by our wonderful desk snooper, Julia.
So this is my desk this morning... I have just put the finishing touches to Flat Susan's Journey book that I made for Neet.... poor girl thought it was lost in the post but it was in my UFO box.... LOL
This is the front cover... I have kept it deliberately flattish because this book took on a mind of its own and grew faster than Pinnochio on a bad lieing spree!! 
Side view... yep, it did get a bit chunky, didn't it?
and the drawers in the base didn't really help matters... 
in between the drawers is a little book for Neet to add all the participants names. 
here it is opened up, made with my coffee papers and then stamped 
LOL... would you look at that spine!!  What can I say... sorry Neet, it aint dainty!! 
it's a solid chunk and weighs half a kilo... I know this cos I took it to the post office to see what damage it was going to do my wallet in postage... less said about that the better... 
So the pages are pockets... and there are tags inside all the pockets and on the front of the pockets is.... pockets.... and tags inside those pockets... yep, you get the picture. 
More tags and pockets.... and stamping and rosettes! 
and there it is done.... and off to the post in the morning so look out for it Neet... its heading your way, hope you like it!
Sorry about the long post... mostly photos though... 
I'll be along to visit peeps shortly... leave me your number, it really does speed the process up!


  1. FANTASTIC!!!! chunky or not this is just a wonderful gift for Neet, and great memory keeper for FS.

    Krisha no# yet I'm starting a bit early.....LOL

  2. OMGOSH, I'm in LOVE. This is fantastic. Half a kilo? WOW. It looks fantastic, though, and I can tell it has all your personal touches, like your drawers and embellishments. Stunning and gorgeous.

    Thanks for stopping by already. We both know where we live, right?

  3. What an amazing work of art! It is so beautiful! Love it! It will be treasured for ever! (Sorry about the number of exclamation marks but it is worthy of many more!!!) Have a lovely week, Chris # 15

  4. WOW that is amazing so much to look at in that adorable book love the little drawers that are in it :) hugs Nikki 7

  5. That is a labour of love, and Flat Susan (and Neet) will love the book. So good to catch up with FS again. Helen 9

  6. Wow! Neet will adore it and how could she not, it's beautiful, and it's got drawers as well. I love snooping in drawers and pull-outs.
    A great piece of art.
    Happy WOYWWW
    Ann B

  7. Wow wow wow and wow - Annette, was looking at some of your book instructions from a mini book the other day - itching to having a go again LOL! Loving this one and whoops on the weight, I'm assuming it's not a local postage either - oooh dear!

  8. Oh my..I am LOVING this album...WOW you have done a brilliant job on it!! What a fantastic gift and one that will be truly cherished! Happy WOYWW. Thanks for visiting earlier.
    Janene #5

  9. Now that is an "Annette" creation - it is fabulous. What an amazing piece.

    Toni xx

  10. A fab little album & i'm sure neet will be thrilled to bits when she gets it . Happy woyww Jill #18

  11. Neet does not need to wait to see it in the flesh, she is thrilled just to look at the pictures. Oh Annette, what can i say? It is just absolutely marvellous and I am so humbled by you making it for me. I have been an admirer of your work, especially your books, for such a long time and now I am going to own one.
    If you have not set off to post it yet why not wait until you get back to England, it might not be as expensive.
    Oh Annette, I am so chuffed.
    Hugs, Neet 44 xxxxxxxxxx

  12. WOW....that's all I can say. That book is amazing. You are one clever lady :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xx

  13. OMG WOW FANTASTIC BRAVO BRILLIANT gosh what a wonderful gift for Neet and she deserves it too. I am awed by what you have done and the amazing detail you have gone too. You are a good person with a wonderful heart, thank you for gifting Neet with this amazing treasure.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 47
    Happy WOYWW

  14. Wowsa, that is incredible. My jaw is still on the ground. You have such a fabulous imagination to come up with the idea but to then pull it off so perfectly is amazing. Neet will be over the moon when she gets it. You are so clever.
    Have a fabulous week, you deserve a rest after that.
    Von #11

  15. Oh my goodness, Annette, that is totally, totally gooooorgeous... I absolutely love albums like this and can just imagine what fun it is going through all those fabby pages and pulling out the tags, and as for the little drawers! The spine is a dream, too... Who cares if it isn't dainty - dainty ain't everything and this is an album to dream about! I am just working on my first one which is very basic by comparison, so far at least!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #28

  16. Absolutely amazing and jaw stopping gorgeous. Lucky Neet.
    Sandra @60

  17. Chunky monkey that's fabulous fun. All the pockets and tags and rosettes, quite a work of art. I can tell you had fun doing it. Neet will love it. Be well Carole #68

  18. It's such a beautiful book! It's a good thing Susan is flat cause her book certainly ain't!!!

    Brenda 72

  19. Oh my gosh! That book is fabulous! Chunky or not, it's amazing! Love the drawers and little books within it. Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #76

  20. Hi Annette, that book is absolutely stunning but flat it isn't! Love the drawers and all the gorgeous details. It's going to make a fantastic record of Flat Susan's travels. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #70

  21. That book is absolutely amazing! Net is one lucky girl.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #40

  22. What a fabulous journal, little drawers and fantastic detail, hours of fun.
    Happy crafting, Angela x 49

  23. Chunk-tactic! Love the FS mini. What a fab thing to make for Neet. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #82

  24. This is gorgeous Annette. I hope Mr Postie looks after that and has his steel toe caps on if he drops it! That is one chunky book for a flat Susan!
    Hugs 79

  25. I see you did it again!!! I cant wait to show your book to my girl.. that is just down right awesome. Looks like it would be very hard to do and a lot lot lot of time. Roberta 78

  26. WOW what an amazing book ..its a work of art I dont think I have ever seen one quite so wide. there is so much detail... its amazing Neet is one lucky lady....have great week and thanks for visiting me yesterday crafty hugs Andrea #1

  27. Sorry I'm so late popping over this week.....yesterday was full to the brim with twinnie fun [blogging doesn't get a look in as you can imagine :-) ].
    Your book is truly stunning Annette and I'm certain Neet will love it.
    Annie x # 26

  28. Looking like one of your usual outstanding projects - you do mini-books like no-one else. Stunning. I don't dare delve into my UFO box (boxes?) but I really should. I find WOYWW useful not only for the inspiration but in shaming me into tackling jobs I've been putting off.... :)

    Happy (day late) WOYWW!

    Mary Anne (8)

  29. That book is amazing. So many amazing details. I can tell that a lot of love went into making it. BTW, I'm not a neat crafter, at all. I usually clean up, a little, after each project. Thanks for stopping by. #59

  30. This book is AMAZING! I would love to make/have one of these! The drawers are brilliant!Great job!
    Thanks for visiting me and the kind words you left behind!

  31. Thanks for your visit, Annette, and I hope you enjoy the progress so far on my little album. Your absolutely fabulous one is a very tough act to follow, so don't expect too much! I am pretty new to album making but can see I'm going to get hooked as it's such fun! Do get going on the video making because that's a whole lot of fun, too. You can end up spending more time editing the video than making the project, though, but I don't mind because it's just another expression of one's creativity.


  32. Oh my goodness - Neet will be sooooo happy! What a gorgeous work of art - clever you!. Glad you liked my photo - she is a rascal to publish me in all my glory!! x Jo

  33. Wow! Flat Susan's book is just stunning and I know I will get to see it fro real when Neet has it in her possession. It has been a remarkable journey for FS and this is the perfect collection to mark all that happened and the people involved. I am sure Neet will display it proudly to everyone. you really are an expert when it comes to books and albums.
    Thanks for your comment but I must mention that I did not make the B&W quilt... it was a member of the quilt group I belong to.
    love Jo x

  34. WOW, that book is amazing! Such an amazing amount of gorgeous work in it! Anyone would be absolutely thrilled to receive it!(And I know the postage has become outrageous lately.)
    Have a good week and thanks for stopping by,
    RosA # 10

  35. wow.thats looking great even if it isnt flat like susan (.im on the list but not sure wheen she will arrive i think she still has togo to Oz.
    love all the ztamping a.d thelittle pockets....fab
    janet #12

  36. You are just amazing with all your creations, you should be in a design team
    Bridget in Brisbane australia

  37. Hi Annette,

    I came over to tell you how fabulous I think the little tag album is that you sent to Julia and then I got to reading. I'm sorry about the move again! I inserted plenty of expletives on your behalf!

    And then I got to this WOYWW and got to see the album you have made for Flat Susan. And the top of my head blew off! Flat Susan just happens to have arrived at my house to spend some time with me before heading off to OZ.

    It is cool that I happened by here and got to see this magical work of art that you lovingly made for Neet and FS! What a creative genius and kind and generous person you are! This makes me want to try extra hard to come up with spectacular things for Susan to get up to while she is here so the events are worthy of your beautiful book of her memories!!

    Big hugs, Darnell (I missed a few WOYWWs but will play tomorrow the 14th.)

  38. Just seen this on Neet's post and had to come and say how awesome it is! Truly stunning! Though I did have a chuckle that flat Susan's tag book was so big and chunky LOL. Happy WOYWW Cindy #45


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