Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy B(earth) Day Elizabeth!

Sadly, the birthday I card I made for Elizabeth went via Pony Express instead of airmail... so it's still trying to get there!!
and as her birthday is also Earth day I thought this was appropriate!! ;)
I love the way the earth turned out... I used dimensional paint on the chipboard to make the lumpy mountain ranges and then printed the earth onto tissue paper and mod podged it over the paint. 
Sorry it didn't get there in time Elizabeth.... :(


  1. Love the pun and that Earth looks fantastic!! Hope she liked the card, when it arrived. :D

  2. Lovely card Annette and I'm sure it will be appreciated when it arrives.

    Toni xx

  3. It is GORGEOUS. YES, I'm totally in LOVE with it, and the process you went through to make it. Sounds quite labor intensive. And not to worry. I got the other one, even if I have to wait ton this one.

    BTW, I was gone from the computer for two days because of company on Friday AND because I spent Saturday working with the people who will be painting my house next week. I figure if I make a big enough mess around my place, I'll be ready to clean it all up at once.


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