Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What's on Your Work Desk 20th April 2011

On my work desk today is another attempt at the Dress Up for April!!  I abandoned the first try and this one is going pretty much the same direction as it just isn't saying Art Deco to me... I don't know why I am struggling with this one as I love the high fashions and glamour of the stars of this period but leaky elbow syndrome has snuck up on me and what is in my brain is not translating all the way to my fingertips!! :(
When this happens, I normally start tidying the scrap room so I gave that a go as well.... when we were out shopping last week Chris picked up these fab containers for me to put 'stuff' in and they stack one on top of the other and I think they look quite nice on my shelf filled with metal bits and pieces.
Being square means they take up less space too! Oh and look what I found the other day... aren't those penny farthing bikes just too cute??
I have sorted the containers by silver, brass, cogs, clock faces and keys etc so it should be easy to see what I have when I am making something.
So this is how the shelves now look.
If you are wondering why I am showing you my work desk, pop on over to Julia's where you will find the explanation and the links to all the people that once a week reveal all the lovely details of their desks... it is great fun to snoop freely and you are sure to find some brilliant ideas as well!!
Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend!!


  1. Sorry you are struggling with your "Dress Up" - hope it all comes together quickly for you - it is so frustrating when it happens like that.
    Love your bits and pieces storage and those penny farthings.... Second time in the last day or two I have seen those on someone's blog - do you mind me asking where you get them from (my kind of thing).
    Have a blessed Easter. Hugs, Neet x

  2. fab containers and I love your shelves - I have some of the ikea spice jars for bits as well but I prefer your square ones - Happy Wednesday x

  3. Good luck with the piece you are struggling with!!! But wow, those embellies are fab and your shelves have so many goodies, I need to browse round there a while!!! Have a great week

  4. Hi ya
    lovely creative desk,fab looking frock, great little storage pots,luv the little bikes,thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  5. Brilliant storage ideas. I love all your cool stash. Would love to come over and play. Happy WOYWW! ~ Rhonda

  6. ooh love the container organisation! yummy!
    Happy Woywwing
    Jennie #9

  7. I am so glad to see that you can have a messy desk too. I was starting to have a complex. Love those new storage containers.

  8. Love those penny-farthings.

    Hope you get over the L.E.S. as it can be sooooooooooo frustraiting knowing what you want to do and it just not happening.

    Toni xx

  9. Very nice! Love all those little clear containers to store your stuff in. Sorry to hear about the leaky elbow syndrome! I have brain toots that seem to blow the creativity away. Thanks for sharing Vickie #28

  10. i love see through boxes so you can have all that crafty goodness on display.
    have a great wednesday
    caroline #34

  11. Hope you get your inspiration soon. I love your neat shelves and the penny farthing is just adorable. Have a great day.

  12. Love all your new storage boxes. You look so organised :-)
    A x

  13. I love thos penny farthings fab :0)
    Kate x

  14. Oh my - storage to die for!! Your desk is looking rather glam with all those feathers!
    Debbie H #60

  15. Love your workdesk today - I think you are going into the art deco direction very well! Your metal bits and pieces are great in their new storage and those little old bikes say "I want them" ha, ha...
    Lots of hugs,

  16. Inspiration will come to you, if it's anything like mine it will rudely awaken you with a jolt in the wee hours of the morning. I find I am fired up with ideas after organising my office.

  17. Gosh all your bits are so organised and tidy here fabulous! Happy WOYWW hugs Rebekah xx (65)

  18. I just love the containers you got there! And as you say the penny farthing bicycles are just gorgeous -I love all the cogs too. Your project will turn out fine -they always do! You must be just going through a "blip". Heh, it's Easter soon - have some chocolate and you will be raring to go!!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca (44) xx

  19. Fab containers!!
    I wouldn't mind some myself too!
    Your desk and work area look full of busy:-D

    wish i was as creative!!


  20. Love what looks like a mini feather boa. Those boxes are brilliant ....why do we buy round ones lol

  21. I would love to come and explore your scrap room! I hope you find a cure for your leaky elbow soon.

  22. That Chris- he ought to retire and become a storage consultant to crafters! Keep on with the Deco dress up - it will work out better than fine, honest!

  23. Happy WOYWW, loving your storage, i always get excited about storage and new storage tips !
    Andria #32

  24. Love the storage. Good luck finishing your latest challenge. Looks like a good start to me!
    Chrissy #93

  25. I love your shelves and want to 'zoom in' so that I can see all those goodies close up!
    Fiona x

  26. Sorry to hear about your LES! If I cannot get it to work third time round it gets filed in the "Sod It" drawer aka bin!!
    I can hear one of those penny farthings calling to me!!!!! Loving those boxes, but need to see them in the flesh please?!

  27. Well, I saw the "dress up" in the post above before I came here and I do like it. It turned out really cool.
    Those containers are great, they look very practical and I bet they are.

  28. LOL, "Leaky Elbow syndrome" I had to think about what you meant for just a second there. Very funny!! I think I suffer from that on a regular basis too.

    I'm loving how organised your shelves look... and those Penny Farthings are super cute! Where did you get them? Please tell as I neeeeeeed to dash out and get myself a couple too!

  29. What a fabulous craft room! love all that storage especially the jars with the penny farthings and cotton reels in! Sorry to hear you have leaky elbow sydrome hope it stops soon and your mojo returns!

  30. Just fabulous. I love those bikes! Your shelves are so NEAT. And I like where the dress-up is going, but then as I am late, I got to see todays post as well :)

    Mary Anne

  31. Awesome containers there and really love the square containers, and the penny farthings! great to see your creativity at work, thanks for popping over and thanks for sharing and Happy WOYWW! Shaz in oz.x

  32. I'm sorry I haven't been around for a couple of days. I LOVE those square containers. You have done a wonderful job of sorting and getting things in order. Wish you were here to help ME. That would be perfect.

    Those bikes are adorable. I love them. They make wonderful accents, too. And I admit. I love the shelving unit you use to keep all these goodies in. And of course those old spools seem to fit perfectly in their new home.

  33. It’s such a shame that you’re struggling because in my opinion you can never have too much fluffy stuff. Mind you, I’m a coward and wouldn’t have attempted such a project in the first place.

    Looks like your tiding went well and I’m loving the new storage boxes, they look so pretty on your shelf.

    Happy crafting!

  34. Your WIP looks interesting, hope you managed to finish it ok.
    And i am loving the new jars, well done Chris for spotting them for you :D

  35. i love your new containers and all the goodies inside!
    happy Easter!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  36. Sometimes I just have to work on something else for a bit and then come back to a project for it to work. Workdesk is lovely :D. And oooo those little containers! When I try to clean up I get distracted by the goodies and then try to make something mid cleanup lol. TFS!

  37. Very artistist and a challenge for me to keep up. thank you so, for the information and can I use your ideas. Happy Spring V.....Peace & Love Kayenderes


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