Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hoody Arrived Safely!!

Kruger, my hoody doll from Donna was in the mail box when I checked it today... she didn't think much of the trip over the pond and I am putting the 'attitude' down to jet-lag, I am sure that after a nap and a chip butty she will feel more at home in the school room - and the pile of books she kicked off the chair are just fine!! ;)
Here she is in the little school room I made for her.
She is so cute... in a weird sort of way and I love her stripy stockings and little grey boots with the buttons and she really has the wildest hair you can imagine.  Donna, thank you so much, I promise to let her play in between lessons. All work and no play makes Kruger crankey...


  1. Oh, I love the outfit :) and yes, jet lag.....must be!

  2. Fabulous stuff - glad she's arrived safely couldn't wait to see what Donna had sent you - she is gorgeous and she looks amazing!

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. Love your little Hoodie.

    I see she is settling in (can I have a chip buttie too LOL) her new home really suits her.

    Toni :o)

  4. Hi, what a cutie and she fits in perfectly in her schoolroom!!! Lots of love Steph

  5. it is good to know they survive their journeys in tact...she is full of attitude that one...

    she has a Queen complex and has been known to behead people so watch her, she Does Not Play Nicely With Others Mother...


  6. Yeah..she has her nose in the air like she didn't want to be photographed! She's glorious.

  7. Love your little Hoodie & love her school room too.

  8. She is quite adorable, in a really unique sort of way. She will fit nicely in her new schoolroom and I bet she will get into all kinds of fun loving mischief, too. She just looks like that will happen.

  9. Missed you at Tea today. Hope all is well now that Chris is back at work.


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