Wednesday, 13 April 2011

WOYWW 13th April 2011

What's on your work desk Wednesday is here again, this week seems to be going at a rate that makes my head spin.  We have had a few nice spring days and most of the snow has melted which is lovely.  What is not lovely is the fact that we are due 14 centimetres of the white stuff over night and during the day... so those poor little daffs and tulips that have bravely poked their heads through the frozen earth are in for a bit of shock!
This is my work desk this morning, I have been playing with the Bisto Gravy Granuals tubs again!!  I wanted to make Donna something as a thank you for making and sending me my little hoodie doll, Kruger.  The project I started sort of stalled as I was trying to make it in Donna style, which just didn't seem to work when I did it.  Then she said she would like a snippet roll.... so I have made a cotton reel to hold it.  
Now MaryAnne left me a comment a few weeks ago saying that the gravy tubs might work with the Tim Holtz bird cage die, the first attempt of making the entire thing a circle of bird cages is still in pieces on the side of my desk... it was not going to be very sturdy!!  So I had another attempt with this and cut the cage shape from the side of the tub leaving the rest of it intact.
This is the top with all the 'bits'.
Whilst at the dollar store on Monday with my friend, Odelia, I mentioned that I was looking for the little flickering tea light candles that work on a battery.... and voila, she found them!! So if Donna wants to hang the snippet roll she can have a little candle holder of a cotton reel....
Only I can't decide whether to leave the cage bare so you can look inside as in this photo or back the cage with the alcohol inked transparency as in this one below???
What do you think?
and I got my prize from Graphic 45 today - such lovely stuff to play with... :)
Don't forget to pop over to the Chief Inspector of Desks, Julia to get the links to all the lovely desks!!


  1. Oh, I do love the Graphic 45 prizes you won. They are wonderful. But of course, I really love the ribbon holder you made. Not sure that's what to call it, but I really like it. And I can tell it is ALL YOU, because of the chains holding the goodies in place.

    Not sure which I prefer: the AI transparency or the candle with no transparency. Both ways are great. I suspect Donna will have a preference, though.

    Have a great WOYWW and get some sleep, like I'm going to do soon.

  2. Wow I love your cotton real - I like the one with the backed transparency ~ great lot of stash you have to play with ~ Happy Wednesday ~ Nicky

  3. That's lovely - sweet dangles, love the cotton reels and the illuminated cage (I prefer the slightly diffused light with the transparency, but both are gorgeous). I know what you mean about trying to make something for someone whose style you know well; it sort of blocks you until you get into your own groove. If this is what you can do with them, I think I need to buy some gravy granules!

    Bernie x

  4. They are absolutely stunning im gonna have to have a try using and recyclingh my tubs .The colours and the way you have cut the bird cage out of the side is stunning with the candle showing.Gorgeous thanks for sdharing and have creative wednesday
    hugs judex3

  5. What a fab creation, don't you just love re-using things and making them look pretty!
    Happy Wednesday,
    Cathy xx

  6. Cor... I LOVE this project... how vlever of you... think I like to see the whole thing, but perhaps you could use some net just to "mask" it a little...

  7. That cotton reel container is to die for. What a fabulous creation - love how you have put it all together and the decoration/embellishment on the top is fantastic.
    Would not know what to say about the transparency - I do like mine on my Configuration box but in your photo it looks equally good without.
    Just cannot stop looking at what you have made - it is so beautiful. #26

  8. That is so cool and creative! Love seeing what will be on your desk each week.

  9. WOW what a fab project - love it - thank you for sharing

  10. That 'reel' is amazing Annette...gosh what a clever idea.

    Missed your tea on tuesday this week so was glad that you managed to stop by and see my visit to Harrods.

    Hope you manage to miss getting too much more of the white stuff - after a few really lovely days here we seem to be back to 'normal' April type weather - hohum.

    Toni xx

  11. Your altered gravy tubs are so fabulous! Both versions look good so....
    Well done on your Graphic prize - yum!!

  12. I'm sure Donna will love it. You have put so much effort into making it special for her.
    A x

  13. Oh I like it with the transparency - nope without - nope with - nope without - definitely without - I think! The gravy granule tub is awesome - Annette do you like gravy in your house or are you now being inundated with gravy tubs from around the world LOL! I love what you've done it looks awesome! What an absolutely gorgeous thank you gift!

    Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  14. well I think that turned out FAB! Can't say which I prefer, both options are lovely. Shame the "in the round" idea didn't pan out. I saw a card sample at a shop with two mounter in the fold of a card that looked good (although to be fair I think it was the Marianne Creatables birdcage dies not the TH ones) so that might be something else to play with - if you're looking for challenges LOL!

    Love the prize pack too - I really eed to look more closely at Graphic 45 - I have a bit, and love it, but clearly I need MORE! :)

    Mary Anne

  15. Hi hun
    i think Donna will luv it, a beautiful creation, luv all the detail on it,thanks for the snoop, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,(10)x

  16. I think your recycling of the Bisto tubs is an awesome idea. Donna is a very lucky girl! Lots of nice stash from Graphic 45. I almost bought the nob and plate think from my craft store the other day but didn't. They are so cute! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

  17. Love what you have made for Donna - a lovely gift! I like the transperancy more - I think it gives a more muted light but I am not sure if it is a good idea to light a candle in there unless you put something in there that won't go up in flames!
    Lots of hugs,

  18. Wow, you are really so creative.. you never cease to amaze me.. stunning project as usual.. loev all the bitty pieces.
    Great prize you won.. wow...
    Hugs, Mich

  19. Leave it to you and Mary Anne to come up with the genius idea of die ctting the tube! it's fab. Strange how we can't mimic other people's styles. God knows I've tried!
    Aren't your prize goodies stunning!

  20. WOW, WOW, WOW this is so stunning - I LOVE it. Right - "hold the bisto tub's" I just love it! I love the battery candle in it too and the lovely cotton reel's. Ohh, I so need that!!!
    Happy Wednesday
    Rebecca (84)

  21. Oh wow. Speechless. Very inspirational!

  22. Love your altered tub, wonderful and what a fabulous prize from Graphic 45. Tracy x

  23. Amazing .... love it both ways ...sorry thats no help lol ... the inked one makes it more mysterious

  24. I cannot decide which is the better one so I will have the one that Donna doesn't want!!! ROFL!!
    What a lovely load of Graphic stash you have.
    My MME Halloween papers came last week so any time now I will start my letter box!! Dont hold your breath but it WILL be finished by 31 Oct!!

  25. hehe.
    the stencil is on a fence.

    breathing mask, spray paint, stencil.




  26. speechless


    that doesn't happen often


    Oh OH OH

  27. fabulous a very unusual piece, it looks great either way

  28. The transparency. It looks stunning. Gosh, Annette, your creativity doesn't know any limit - this cotton reel is gorgeous. I'm in awe!

  29. You did an amazing job! Really really cool! I love the lid the most :)

    I didn't have your e-mail, and thought you would be interested in the following:

    Hi fellow Tea on Tuesday players!
    I just wanted to let everybody know about the teacup round robin being hosted by Judy on Apron Strings. 

    Here is the link to her post:

    It looks like she's closing it on the 15th, so if you are interested sign up now! It looks like fun! I know I will be playing for sure :)


  30. WOW!!! Love it - lvoe it with the Transprancy and love all the Graphic 45 goodies!! Hope you don't get too much snow!

    Sarah xx

  31. I'm liking all the rolls I've been seeing! Yours is awesome and I love the one with the inked transparency :)
    That's a great prize from G45!

  32. This is just so gorgeous. How clever of you. Fantastic. Personally, I would go for the transfer on plastic which is what we made for our configuration box at Tim's workshop in Feb. It looks really special. Just off for another peep.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  33. That looks fabulous Annette, with or without the transparency:) What gorgeous goodies you won too! Fiona x

  34. Your work is just amazing and I adore all the little details you add. Well, I like it both ways so I'm not a good one to ask. Enjoy your wonderful prize!

  35. Wow! Your cotton reel is so fabulous! I love all the bits and bobs! And it has a little light inside!!!! I prefer the transparency just because it gives it a cozy look. But it does look nice the other way too, so you can't lose!
    xoxo Karen

  36. wow, what a gorgeous project on your desk today! so so lovely! i think i like it with the transparency. great goodies too!

  37. Lots of interesting stuff on your desk! And your tea lite holder is amazing! Looks like it took ages to complete!

    Happy be-lated WOYWW!

    I have some yummy candy on my blog if you'd like to check it out! :D

    My Blog Candy!

    xx Tracey xx

  38. As Always, your creations just amaze me! Love it. I think the transparency one, but both are nice.
    Happy WOYWW

  39. Love what you've done to alter the humble Bisto tin - it's just fabulous. Lucky you to win all that Graphic 45 - I've got one pad of le romantique which I stroke every now and again and then put it back on the shelf. I had it shipped from the US and because of the shipping it cost a fortune so too good to use :) Have a great weekend. Elizabeth x #66

  40. I prefer the one with the transparency, but they are both great.

  41. Wow wow and wow what you have created with a gravy granual tub is amazing, more than amazing!! I like the transparency, as it gives a warmer effect but is intriging to look at but im sure donna will have a preference, hope you will let us all know which you choose. And the graphic 45 goodies are so yummieeee!!! Lol. Kezzy x


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