Friday, 29 April 2011

I Got Post!!

It snowed today.... yes, that is correct, it snowed, to say I was unimpressed would be an understatement... it's the Royal Wedding tomorrow... we want sunshine!!  (Completely ignoring that the wedding is back in the UK and I am not, it's beside the point... I want sunshine)!  But  the snow coming down made me forget to check on the mail box across the street till late so you can imagine the happy dance I did all the way back when I opened the mail box to find a big yellow envelope completely covered in beautiful stamps from Elizabeth!   The pretty exterior gave way to even better and prettier contents....
This is the journal front cover.
and the back... it is stunning! The colours and textures are lovely.
 the lovely journal that I won on the One World One Heart blog hop was inside and I love it!
Elizabeth has put so much thought into this journal, it speaks to me... the odd piece with a putty cat, all the sewing and little pockets, it is a gem indeed and the covers are gorgeous.
Then I find my jigsaw!!  Oh my goodness... I sent a jigsaw to Elizabeth and kept one for myself, we had to alter them and then send them to each other....
Elizabeth has raised the bar on this little project which I haven't actually started yet! So much work in these little pieces and she has all the things I love on them!!
Little meeces for the fur babies from the lovely Bleubeard, and some stencils and a little toy doll outfit to alter... oodles of loveliness, thank you Elizabeth, I am one happy dancing bunny!! ;)


  1. Oooooo what loveliness.

    Sorry to hear you have the snow back - rain is threatened here but we are all keeping everything crossed as it is cloudy but dry at the moment...

    Toni xx

  2. You have a very generous friend there :) Lots of lovely stuff to take your mind off the snow for a while! xx

  3. Wow, lucky you :) it's so fun to go to the mailbox!

  4. Sorry I'm so late getting here. It's been a busy latter half of the week, and I haven't even been on the computer for several days. I'm SO glad you weren't disappointed with the puzzle. As I told you in an e-mail message, I feel bad that there was glue left on the pieces, which I should have gotten rid of before I sent it. But the need for speed won out.

  5. I hope you don't mind. I'm going to "borrow" your photo of the puzzle. It is SO much better than mine. Thanks in advance. My post of the puzzle will be up shortly, now that I have a decent photo of it.

  6. yep, i had to refollow.

    why is that happening?



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