Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Thought I would bring out the Easter tablecloth with the rabbits and chickens on... it doesn't get much use otherwise!! LOL
Chris is still away working in Fort Mac so I am home alone... well, except for the two cats!!  My neighbours felt sorry for me and have invited me for Easter turkey dinner this evening, so there are bonuses to being home alone!!  I thought I would make her a tea bag book as a thank you.  Not sure she drinks tea but its the thought the counts... I hope!
Nice sort of Eastery colours?
Little pockets that contain different teas...
I had to laugh this morning as I couldn't find Pandora... 
Not in the posh cat bed in the bedroom...
Not in the pink sheepskin bed in the scrap room...
Not in the cat tree in the dining room...
Not in the twin beds next to my desk....
Not in the small cat tree in the bedroom....
Aha!  With all the available options she chooses to squish herself into the bottom of the condo.... typical....


  1. Happy Easter Annette - cute table cloth. Have a lovely turkey dinner - I'm sure your hostess will love the teabag book.

    Toni xx

  2. Pandora is so funny :) so typical kitty. Love the Tea Bag book xxx

  3. awwwwwwww, my heart just melted.. and AlfieCat swooned lol She is adorable.. and so many beds... I made sure Alf wasnt looking.. he would expect that many too... Happy Easter... lovely gift for your neighbour... enjoy your turkey dinner. x

  4. Happy Easter Annette - I hope you enjoyed your Turkey dinner.

  5. Awww bless her heart. what a lot of kitty beds you have ... she is adorable
    Hugs June xx

  6. That's a whole lot of cat beds I'm not letting my two see or they'll be jealous.

    Hope you enjoyed your day and I'm sure your neighbour loved her thoughtful gift.

  7. Lovely little book :) and the cat story, so like a cat!
    Hope you had a really nice Easter too :)

  8. Sorry you had to spend Easter without Chris, but I know the Easter tablecloth got its yearly workout at least. And of course those "cupcakes" are simply adorable.

    Glad you made your neighbor the tea bag book. It gives me ideas, although I have no BIA.

    And leave it to Pandy. I can't believe all the places you have for those cats. Such fancy accommodations.

    See you later today for tea.

  9. Love the Easter tablecloth. Hope you enjoyed the Easter dinner! I had to laugh as most people go egg hunting at Easter - you went Pandora hunting. LOL :D


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