Monday, 3 June 2013

If you go down to the woods today...

you should find an abundance of possums!

Yes, it seems that the house I rented came with little furry creatures living in the walls.  I must admit, when I first saw one on the deck one evening, I was so excited... aaaaw, dear little thing, he is soooo cute!  After about a week of no sleep because he enjoyed scooting around the walls and clomping about on the scraproom ceiling I mentioned it to my landlord and he said that he had a trap for that purpose.  Now this should have given me a clue, shouldn't it?  Who just happens to have a possum trap in their shed?
So this little critter got caught in the trap and taken off to be set free in the woods near our house.
A couple of days later this little guy was in the trap when I woke up in the morning.... and joined the first one in the woods.
and this morning I was greeted by this little guy...  
They only come out at night and I really hoping that this is the end of them... because they are really cute but I don't really fancy sharing living quarters with them.  I cover the cage with a cat blanket once they are caught so that they don't get scared when daylight arrives and my landlord comes to collect them... 
But this wee guy decided he wanted the blanket inside with him to make a nest!  How did he manage to get that complete blanket through the wire holes???
Just down the road from where we live is a small play park and there 3 sausage trees!
Aren't they fabulous?  Those fruits weigh a couple of kilos a piece so I thought I was very daring standing underneath to get this shot!
The only other place I have seen sausage trees is in Kruger National Park in South Africa.
I just love the way they all hang down on their ropes.


  1. I've never seen trees like that before, even in pictures, they look amazing.

  2. You should squirt a little ink spray onto the possums so that you can see if it is the same ones coming back from the woods. Is the landlord blocking up where they get in? They will make a good page in the scrapbook though

  3. I've never heard of sausage trees - wow!! Hope you have caught the last of your furry friends.. and they don't keep coming back from the woods to your house!!

  4. are you sure it's not the same one keep coming back like a homing pigeon!

  5. Thanks so much, for sharing your exciting life (:o)What a funny story. I guess i've seen a possum on tv once but i've never heard about sausage trees. Very cool pictures. I'm still smiling about the guy, who pinched the blanket inside his cage.(:o)

  6. I was wondering if it was the same possum but then I thought they kind of looked a little different. Think I would have been 'wrapped' too if I had seen one at first.

    Now the tree, I went and looked it up because I wondered if it was a wind up (like the spaghetti tree one April 1st) and find it is real. Apparently it is a Kigelia. Certainly looks strange, as if someone has thrown those sausages up into the tree. What a fabulous find.
    Hope you are settling in.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  7. I have never seen a sausage tree before. You are such a wealth of knowledge and information. Lovely photos.

    I hate to tell you, I had a possum in my neighborhood for awhile. You might think they are cute, BUT the one here in Kansas killed my neighbor's cat. So let's hope those "cute" little creatures are far away from Pandy and Tom-Tom, or they won't look so "cute" anymore.


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