Friday, 14 June 2013

So a sewing I will go...

I have had such a lovely time this week playing with my sewing machine.
It all started when I made the mat with pockets to sit under my sewing machine... then I made a little pin cushion and thread catcher thingy to go with it... well, I was on a roll by now and decided to leap into the unknown and make a cover to keep the dust out of my sewing machine...
Impressed?  I am!  Making 3D stuff while sewing is much harder than making stuff with chipboard... though there are certain advantages with material over paper... one stretches a wee bit whilst the other just tears! LOL
So I had some material left over and made a needle case and a larger version for holding all my bobbins...
This sorts out the basket of bobbins that were always a tangled mess! 
So now I have a matching set of useful bits but there was still a peice or two of material left...
so I made this!! 
It holds all the tools for the sewing machine, and in the pocket it has all those spare feet things... which I really need to find out how to use!!
and then I thought... gosh, wouldn't it be cute if I got the Bejeweller out and added a couple of sparklies!
and now I have a sparkly sewing machine cover too...


  1. Yet another brilliant project from you! Did you have any pattern to start with? It's just gorgeous!

  2. You are so clever, I love this - and such pretty material. Hope you have a good weekend

  3. What a pretty and useful set you have made - quite an achievement. My sewing room looks very drab by comparison! x Jo

  4. You are so funny... and I thoroughly enjoyed all the goodies you made.

  5. Wow I bet you're thrilled to bits with all you've made. They all look really fab....I'm seriously impressed. No point covering all mine cos I have to use each of them every day and I have no spare time to remove all the covers ;-)
    A x

  6. Wow, what a super set - you really have been busy Annette.

    Toni xx

  7. Wow!!thats an impressive desk to look at! Your sewing is brilliant, so neat. I love all the different bags and'll never lose anything again :-)
    Oh, and cute sparkles as can never have too many sparkles in my opinions, lol!
    LLJ xxx

  8. You did an awesome job...It all looks so pretty!


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