Tuesday, 18 June 2013

So you take a bit of cardboard tube and a couple of beer mats...

and you grab some Graphic 45 papers - On the Boardwalk in this case,
and you add some chains with chipboard bits and pieces dangling
some stick pins and flowers...  and you play for a few hours and then get the mahoosive new glue gun heated up and glue the top of the reel a little off centre... bum.... bum... bum.
It's noticeable isn't it?  I have got to take it off, which will ruin the paper, which will mean stripping it and doing it again... if it were for me, I wouldn't bother but I am making it for someone else... and they will probably not appreciate its little eccentricities.... LOL
Sorted!!  You might be able to see some little pearls on the underside of the top?  I put them there as locators so that when I had the hot glue on I didn't have to faff about... it worked and it is now straight... it would have bothered me, so easiest to just rip off and make it right!  


  1. Yip its noticeable...but does it really matter...not to me!

  2. But it is so beautiful,i love all the little bits and bobs decorating it!!

  3. I noticed it, but I'm anal. If it were mine, I would try to heat the glue using my heat tool, then pull the top reel off using some dental floss to help guide it and keep the paper intact. But that's just me. Of course, that might not work, but it sounds easier than starting over again!!

    BTW, I love it.

  4. And there was I thinking you had done it on purpose to counterbalance the 'danglies'...

    Lovely creation Annette.

    Toni xx

  5. What am I supposed to be noticing? I love it, full of fun and amazing that you did this in a short while. You must have had the vision before you started unlike me with what I am trying to do at the moment. I am just wandering from one look to another with my boxes which I set off to alter
    A great make!
    Hugs, Neet xx.

  6. Yep I noticed too but would have thought it was intended if you hadn't mentioned it :-).....it sort of balanced like that. Artistic licence and all that ;-) I love the finished job.
    A x

  7. Thanks for actually letting me know the REAL problem with the memory card. I took it out and put it in Kathy's printer/scanner to try to download some of the photos to my e-mail. I couldn't figure out how to send or even scan them. I put the card back in my camera and went on my way. And of course she has an HP!! If you remember how to fix the memory card, please let me know. At least NOW I think I understand the problem. THANK YOU!!!

  8. Beautiful project I'd have left it eccentric (probably) but know how much I drive myself nuts when things aren't lined up so completely appreciate you haven't to sort - however the finished item is utterly utterly gorgeous!

  9. I love this project. It looks fabulous. I think I'd be the same, I'd leave it for myself but correct it for a gift - esp if I wasn't sure how the recipient would take it.


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