Wednesday, 5 June 2013

WOYWW 5th June 2013 (and the Stamp Cleaner)

Another one bites the dust... week, that is... and here we are again ready to do the tour of the desks!
 This is what is on my work desk this morning... hmmm, doesn't look very exciting does it?
 Normally when I am stamping, this is what is on my desk... a microfibre cloth, cleaner, baby wipes, and the scrubby thing for stamps... and all those things end up in different places when it comes to put them away...
So this morning I am sitting looking at them and a little light bulb went on in my head... 
So I got the sewing machine going and had a play...
and it worked!  I had the baby wipes in one pocket on the right and the cleaner in a little pocket with the scrubby thing on the left... but it looked a bit utilitarian...
and the scrubby thing moved about on the microbfibre so I added some velcro so it stayed in place and won't get lost if I go to crop or travel.
and added some pretty polka dots to the edges to pretty it up

and it works really well!  I used black because when you are cleaning stamps everything gets mucky really fast... 
and they are so easy and quick to make that I made a second one, so I can throw one in the wash and have one on the go!
and I would like to thank Jo and Annie for my lovely WOYWW 4th Anniversary ATC's !!
I just went upstairs to make a cup of tea and there was a box on my doorstep and inside was this!  Bridget showed one on her blog last week and I commented that I would love one.... and bless her cotton socks, she only went out and bought one and sent it to me!!  Thank you so much Bridget, the tin is lovely and the tea will go down a treat too!


  1. Now you REALLY have no excuse for not joining me for Tuesday Tea. It was lonely not seeing your smiling face today when I paid homage to you.

    If you don't want to see what your ATC, which is still at my house, don't peek because it's on my blog.

    Happy WOYWW, but of course, I have no number yet!

  2. Fabby ATC's and that tin is too kewl hugs Nikki #2

  3. What a clever idea! Now you need to go about selling them!!
    Krisha #11

  4. Well, call you clever and organized! Love the travel stamp cleaner! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥ #12

  5. Cor! You are a busy bee. Love the cleaning roll you have created and the border jazzes it up. What a good idea to have a black cloth - mine just look yukky all the time.
    Hope my atc arrives before too long. Jo and Annie's look lonely there but aren't they lovely.
    Thanks for visiting me earlier and glad you are spam free on your blog.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  6. Oh my, those are such pretty ATC's...Your Keep calm tea gave me the giggles!!!
    Off to check out more ATC's!!!

  7. Great idea,enjoy your tea too x

  8. What a clever idea to keep your stamp cleaning stuff contained! I put an ATC in the mail yesterday so you should get it very soon.
    Happy WOYWW,

  9. What a kind gift from Bridget, you must have been thrilled. I love the cleaning set...maybe you could market them for us other messy crafters! Hugs. Pam#9

  10. Fab Desk this week.
    I love THAT Tin!!! Must go and look for it

  11. What A great tin! and of course UK Tea is always better! Great ATC's Happy WOYWW ((Lyn))

  12. Oh dear, now I need one of those cleaning bag set should manufacture them! GO Pro! Love the tea tin too! #38

  13. You are so talented, what a great idea!! Love the atc's you have received. Helen, 5

  14. I love your new storage thing how fantastic is that and now we will all be looking at it thinking why didn't we think of that.
    Great ATC's and a great tea tin
    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #40

  15. Aww how nice of Bridget to send you that tin!
    Love your new bag. Hope it keeps everything in the right place!
    The ATCs you've received are adorable. :)

    Happy WOYWW. xx
    It's my blogiversary and I've got candy to celebrate!


  16. I love your tea tin how awesome is that. What wonderful ATC's you have on your desk it was all such fun mine are all still wizzing around in the postal service as I am in Australia but what excitement there is still to come my way..
    You will have to see what passed behind me at a scrapbooking crop I went to last Friday its on my post sneak a peek..
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy :)

  17. What a great storage idea! I love the polka dots. Thank you for your lovely ATC which is nestling there on my blog post today. Hope mine has winged its way to you soon. Have a lovely creative day and thanks again for swapping with me. xxx

  18. The cleaning roll idea is genious!! I hope you enjoy your tea I love the tin.

    Laura #61

  19. How clever are you? I love your cleaner hold all bag. Fab design.
    Thanks so much for the gorgeous has just got in my way and I haven't managed to email all my friends who have sent mine to me [Sorry]. I love them all and the fact that they were sent by friends I haven't met [as yet].
    A x # 49

  20. Hi there,
    Just popping in briefly, I'm supposed to be mowing the lawn!
    Still, this is a better way to spend the morning in my opinion.
    Brilliant storage and I love the tin even though I don't drink tea!
    Hope you have a great week.

  21. That's a great idea to keep everything together and it looks wonderful as well! Love the Polka dots =).
    Have a lovely week xx

  22. What a genius idea - brilliant for crops as well a in the old craft room. Love your ATCs, and get that kettle on - I'm coming round! MMx #68

  23. Oh I love to see a bit of neat sewing on a WOYWWers desk!!! Clever transformation there - everyone will want one now! Thanks for showing off our little ATCs - we had such fun making them. x Jo #49

  24. Thought I left a comment but it disappeared! Try again... glad you like our little bits of craftiness - we had fun making them. Your clever little pouch is so useful - everyone will want one!! x Jo #49

  25. Now that is a super clever idea, tea caddy is quite fab. Will have to look out for one of those.
    Sandra @53

  26. Wow am totally blown away at yout stmap cleaning cover and why not indeed make two .. fast that is!!

    ..and yes our time with WOYWW last week was fab! great gift from Bridget!
    happy WOYWW and thanks for popping over, Shaz in Oz.x #7

  27. Fabbo idea - I have a stumpin Up scrubber so would have to adapt for that but it would def come in handy when travelling - its lovely to see all the ATC's around everyone's desks... Happy WOYWW... Mxx #98

  28. Well I think that is just fab! I am forever having to hunt down bits of things to assemble a whole, and I love the idea of it all being together in one place! And it looks so neat too. Fab visit this week - Now I know what to do with some of my quilting scraps :)

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (10)

  29. What a great way to keep all your stamping items in one quick and easy place! Love it! You also have some beautiful ATCs to show off!

    Have another awesome crafting week!
    Be blessed!
    #101 WOYWW

  30. That's the best well packaged scrubby I've ever seen Annette! Tres chic! Love the tin too, that's just spot on. We have one possum in our garden, we've seen him wandering around when it starts to get dusk, but luckily he doesn't come in the house. We do have bats in the roof space in the winter though! You're supposed to line the back before using it, which I will but when I use it I'll be traveling light just in case.

    Brenda 96

  31. Cool cleaning stuff, real good idea! Love those ATCs!
    Gabriele #58

  32. Love the ATC's' and thank you so much for mine, its gorgeous. Will send you mine if you send me your addy. What a sweet thought that tin was, just keeps showing what awesome people are on WOYWW. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz xx #33

  33. What a clever and useful bit of kit that is going to be! Well done you for launching into it and making a total success of the job. I like the black, it'll hide a multitude of sins ;-) and the spotty binding finishes it off a treat.
    I'll remember heads/bums up for a future saying...the mind boggles!!!!!
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx

  34. ah I need time to do that kind of thing, come to think of it I just need to find time to make your junk key - might send the TC separately so you at least get that this year.... dxxxx

  35. Such a good idea - and you managed to make it pretty too!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  36. What a clever idea and I love the tin!
    Karen #38

  37. Clever idea there! A true light bulb moment!
    Love that tin. Need it! Funny enough my buddy and I were saying earlier we could do with a box for our herbal t-bags we keep in work! Gotta find one now!

  38. That is such a clever idea and so pretty. I really love your tea tin, really cool. Wonderful ATC's there too.
    Have a great week.
    Von #14

  39. How organised, and I love your tea tin.

  40. I just love watching 'stuff' come into being... it's magical! Sewing is such a mystery to me...
    Love your tea caddy!!!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message :)
    Happy belated WOYWW and have a wonderful week!
    no. 6

  41. What a functional yet pretty holder. The polka dots on the edge just made it. And the poppies on one of the cards sitting on your desk are gorgeous! April #137

  42. Cute little pocket thingy. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #103

  43. So you just whipped out the sewing machine! i would have spent the rest of the day trying to get one line of stitches straight! Nice project! Thanks for the visit and the room is not yet done!
    Angie #101

  44. Super tidy and organised, excellent and two as well extra super tidy. BJ#22

  45. Great cleaning roll Annette - super idea for keeping everything in one place.

    Love that tin.

    Toni xx


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