Thursday, 20 June 2013

Remember the aliens in kimonos?

Yes, those little aliens wearing kimonos...
well, I made them some hair and now they don't look like aliens at all!!
I have made these two into cards... so be warned, if I need a card in the next day or two, these will be it!! LOL
So now I have them out of my system I must go see what else I can find to amuse myself... I'll be back later.. I have boxes of matches on my desk... that's always a good sign!!


  1. Wow - the hair made a huge difference they look fabulous... Mxx

  2. Awww - where did your aliens go LOL - no really, your little ladies look super Annette.

    Am a little concerned about the match comment (hehe) am I to take it you are thinking of making things with the boxes or are you intending setting fire to the possums (only joking)...what do you do with all the matches when you've used the boxes - I still have two sweet tins full from when I made advent boxes.

    Toni xx

  3. Oh i love these :)
    Kate xx

  4. OH Annette they are lovely!

  5. OH Annette they are lovely!

  6. ok so now I am desperate to know how to make them. I am no good at card making but they are inspirational but I just can't see how you made them.... please tell me

  7. I really love these. They look great with their new hairdo. Ginny (#9)


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