Friday, 21 June 2013

My last day of being home alone...

Chris is on his way back from the Philipines and will be here tomorrow, so I thought I would make the most of my last day and have a play with the moppi box I picked up in Ikea when we went to get the storage for the scraproom... its been sitting on the side since May waiting for me to give it a make over.
Of course, I neglected to take a photo of the box before I started playing but found a photo of the 4 drawer version on the Ikea website... my 6 drawer version doesn't seem to be there at all!

 The idea for this began a lot further back than that though... in fact, a year ago, when we were in Canada.  I saw a scrap page using Graphic 45 papers called Communique.... but the weird thing was I had never seen these in a store.... nope, not ever, so I must have been buried under a dark rock while they were being marketed.  I searched high and low and couldn't find the papers until one day I saw a 12 x 12 pad advertised in the States!  Yay!  Yes please and thank you and they were in the post to me.  I have no idea why I haven't seen them used more, because they are fabulous and will be a favourite of mine along with the Curtain Call and Steampunk Debutante ranges.
Last night I sat and gave it a coat of red paint... and then went to bed to let it dry with huge misgivings... something kept saying I should have done it black but I wanted it red...
Once I had sanded it back and aged it a little with inks it wasn't so fire engine red anymore and I was a happy bunny!  I then got the papers out that had traveled from the States to Canada, back home to Scotland and then out here to Australia.... 
I did paint the inside of the drawers black and papered all the sides.
and the side of the exterior box got the treatment...
and the other side... which has a face!! LOL
and the top... which I have left uncluttered from 3 dimensional stuff so that things can be placed on it.
and this is what it is for... its my Communication Zone!  Between us, Chris and I have chargers and cables by the dozen so this now sorts that little mess out nicely!  A is for Annette, C is for Chris and B is for Both!!


  1. What a fab job you've done with your little set of drawers Annette. Love it. I think mine will get a new look when if ever we move to a new home :-)
    Hugs, a x

  2. That is *such* a cool idea and I love how you've altered the box.

    And I have the 4 drawer version sitting around in my craft room also waiting for me to do something to it. :D


  3. i love that you went red not black. it sure did 'get the treatment', its womderful. And a bloomin goodidea!

  4. I love these Ikea boxes, have several of the larger ones I don't think they do any more but have left them plain - never meant to, it just happened like that! Your communications box looks fabulous, you'll never lose a charger again... (probably!)

  5. Love the way your draws (lol) came out. I want to do mine.....eventually!!!!

  6. How very clever of you, I love this paper too and have used it sparingly...Love the A,B,C and their meanings.

  7. We need one of these! I love the decorating on the box and the papers. Hubby and I want one now!

  8. Wowza...that has turned out fabulous Annette. Red really works well with those papers which I don't think I have seen for sale here.

    I'm still working my way through two 12x12 and four 8x8 stacks of their "Place in Time" ( was discount weekend so thought I should stock up LOL).

    Toni xx

  9. Not only am I impressed, I'm SO glad you are my friend. I looked at the INSIDE box you showed and saw, even on the inside, which no one ever sees except you and Chris, the paper was perfect. Properly measured, cut well, and placed on the box with the right amount of clearance on all sides. Talk about impressed. Color me RED all over with envy (just joking, but had to use red in that sentence some way).

  10. What a lovely job you've made of this..... I'd have a go but if I did one I'd have to do the others too and I have about a dozen! Any offers! LOL!
    Jo x

  11. What a fantastic set of drawers you have there. Love the way you have decorated them and what a brilliant idea for the chargers.
    Are they in the white room injecting the colour red into it? Too fab to hide away.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  12. I came for WOYWW, but saw this box and away I went. You did a magnificent job with this, Annette! Brilliant to use if for gadget chargers and I agree, those papers are fab and great with the red and black!! TFS!


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