Tuesday, 13 August 2013

T on Tuesday

I am joining Elizabeth for T on Tuesday with..... TEA! Chai tea to be exact.  It's my first try at making it myself... and it has a lovely scent of cinnamon and spices and tastes pretty good too!
I have taken the dress form wire thingy from the family room and thought I would make her a dress with the offcuts from my Graphic 45 material.  I think she is meant to hold necklaces and things but she is very handy for holding all the charger wires for the cell phones and tablets, which is why she lives in the family room, next to the drawers I decorated for chargers.

so the chai and dress form are joining me for T.  I know, all dress designers and seamstresses the world over can sleep peacefully in their beds tonight, having no fear that I will be running rampant with my dressmaking 'skills'!!  I am hoping she will look a bit better once I have added one or two (or more) touches... LOL


  1. Great idea to make the dress form and drawers to hold chargers, cords, etc. I love the vintage-meets-21st-century concept of that!

  2. I don't know, that dress looks pretty darn cute!
    if i were a dressmaker/designer, i would be concerned . . .

  3. I'm with Rebeca. I think that dress form dress is really cute. And that's a super clever way to use your G45 off-cuts. Knowing you, that dress will have more than a few embellishments attached to it (in addition to the cords) the next time we see it!

    I've never had Lipton's Chai. I tried to make it once from scratch, but it was a bit underwhelming. Love your TEA letters. I'm a bit surprised they're still naked!

    Happy T today.

  4. Oh that's gorgeous Annette, matching those gorgeous drawers!

  5. Oooo, haven't had Chai for a while - must see what they've got in Whittards on Thursday.

    Your dress form is looking way cute and I'm sure by the time you've finished with your 'one or two touches' she will look stunning.

    Enjoy your chai
    Toni xx

  6. That's so much fun Annette. I will expect to see you wearing a designer dress next week :-)
    A x

  7. After that lovely dress I dont think she will want phone wires as accessories lol. Love your TEA sign, that is huge, so what is the recipe for chai tea that you use, I am up for any new tea recipes as its the only beverage I drink lol
    Bridget #4

  8. I love the Dress Form,dressed or undressed! Chai Late is a wonderful warming drink and I always get that Christmas feeling!!!

  9. the dress is awesome sweetie. and the drawers are awesome too. I'm sure those T E A letters will be sporting some new colors in a future post.
    Lipton Chai is one of my favorites.

  10. Hello and Happy Tuesday!! I LOVE those T E A letters, how fun that is. The dress form is lovely with and without a dress. I think the dress is lovely though and hope no one hangs their cords on her now. What a fun storage place for your chargers, clever idea.
    The tea sounds yummy, might have to give it a try.
    Thanks for this fun post and have a good week.

  11. I think the dress is really cute! I haven't seen the Lipton Chai in stores yet. But maybe I just haven't been looking. I love Chai!!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  12. Thanks for your lovely comments about my page! I really loved doing that page.

    I love your drawers, they are really amazing to look at and I love the dress form too, and the little dress and boa!

    I was drinking vanilla chai which I love, then I picked up the wrong box and bought normal chai, they looked the same. I was drinking it for a week before I noticed, and actually it was fine but stains the mug terribly. This does come off after not using it for a week!

    Cazzy x

  13. Love me some Chai!! my favorite fall and winter time tea. I will drink it iced in the summer months sometimes.
    My son just finished drawing up a tattoo of a wire dressmakers form almost like the one you have pictured here. His included dangling feathers from the bottom and a dream catcher trapped inside the bodice. It turned out really cool!!
    Happy T day to you

  14. i like the idea of that little dress form used as a holder for charger cords. we all need a way to organize that kind of clutter, and your way is attractive. it reminds me of the saying, "making a virtue of necessity."

    i've never had chai tea before. i should try some.

  15. I think your dress form looks adorable--in fact, I would be very afraid some male dress form (if there is such a thing) will come and snatch her away in the night!

    I'm still on the fence about Chai Tea in general, but I do love Twinings Vanilla Chai Tea!

  16. Your dress form and dress are really super! Fun!!!
    Homemade Chai is my favorite cold weather drink ... the added bonus is how great the house smells brewing the spices...
    Happy T Day to you

  17. Dressy lady thing look fantastic, if she had legs I'm sure she would dance! Happy T day!

  18. I'm having trouble staying on the internet. I've rebooted three times just to get to this page.

    If I haven't linked with Julia by the time you do, would you please do it for me?

    Thanks from

    Bleubeard and Elizabeth

  19. Looks like a cute place to hold chargers, etc. Chai tea! I forget about teas (devout coffee drinker) but I did buy some Chai tea because I had it someplace and had liked it. Now I will have to dig in my pantry--LOL!
    Happy T Tuesday! :)

  20. Hi - I like your "wire thingy" bare - so structured and great form - but looks good clothed too LOL... not a fan of chai tea as don't really like string cinnamon... Happy T for Tuesday - Mxx #20

  21. I like Chai with all its flavors. Of course I like it best with a plate of Indian food :-) Your dress form looks like it would be fun to play with. Dress up for grown ups.



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