Tuesday, 27 August 2013

T on Tuesday

Here I am with my cup of tea to join Elizabeth for T on Tuesday.
Behind my cup of tea are some cards I have been playing with this morning... see, it all started like this... I was looking at twinchies on a blog and I loved them so I thought I would give the idea a go! Now Sam says they are encaustic twinchies... and mentioned crayons and beads and stuff... so I go and search for encaustic medium and realise pretty quickly that I have nothing in my stash that is going to allow me to do encaustic anything... plus it looks like that stuff gets hot! 
Now, not having the ingredients didn't slow me down at all ( perhaps it should have) so I decided that improvisation is the key especially as I know for a fact that my local Spar won't have dufar crystals on the shelf!  So I slapped some gel medium, well it's a medium of sorts, onto a piece of chipboard, added some gold and silver paint to it, spread it a bit thicker... nope, it doesn't look like Sam's examples at all...
So I go and find a couple of tealight candles... they are wax right? Yes, I know she said she used beeswax but I don't have any of that either and I am pretty sure the local Spar doesn't keep that in stock either. LOL One was a burgandy shade and the other was a golden colour... so I let them burn for a while till there was a good puddle of wax and added that to the chipboard... and then I sort of flung anything I could find on top... little seed beads, chips of glass/plastic, 
and when it had all cooled down a bit I chopped the chipboard into 2 inch squares...
and this morning I look at the pile of twinchies and wonder what on earth am I going to do with them?
So I made some simple cards... 
I still have a couple of bits left... so if I need a card for something in the next few days people should be afraid... very afraid!! LOL


  1. I was laughing at your tale this week. First, encautics consist of beeswax and resin. The more beeswax, the softer the piece is. The more resin, the harder it is. There's various colorants for encaustics, too. They are pure color and very expensive little sticks if wax. They give encaustic its color, since it is naturally white or a very pale beige. I know. More than you ever wanted to know.

    However, I LOVED what you did and how you made yours. And the cards are simply gorgeous. Nice compositions on all.

    Why have you never seen my rocker on the front porch? It's always been there, and you can see it through the window, especially when I show a photo of my sewing machine.

    Thanks so much for your T tale today, dear friend. Love it!

  2. Very innovative and you wouldnt know the difference, I use kids crayons to do encaustic lol
    Bridget #1

  3. hahahaaha I am going to test how much $2 andn $1 coins I can save in my huge mug and let you know how rich I am, maybe rich enough to visit you hee hee
    Bridget #1 again cos I could not reply to your comment via email

  4. Your cards are great. I remember when inchies and twinchies were so so popular. I like how fun stuff never goes out of style.

  5. I love your cards Annette....I've tried encaustic wax but I couldn't make it do what I wanted it to
    I can see something familiar in the background of the first pic....really makes me feel at home at your desk today :-)
    A x

  6. Fabulous cards Annette.

    Love what you did with those twinchies.

    Toni xx

  7. Love the look of those cards - Twinchies - new term for me - they do remind me of serendipity squares - but way more tactile I think... have a great week - Mxx

  8. I'm thinking this sound like fun and wondering if I could melt wax crayons (I have heaps of them!) Lovely Cards!
    Happy T for Tuesday!

  9. Great cards. I admire your use-what-you-have spirit. You came up with something unique.


  10. Now you have set us all thinking what we can do with our melted wax crayons! I love your twinchies! x Jo

  11. What fun you had improvising making these techniques your own and getting some lovely cards in the process!
    Your BINGO card looks like a yummy slab of chocolate...
    I haven't had breakfast yet...guess I'm hungry ;)
    I have always wanted to try resin and wax...so far I've only dabbled in beeswax and crayons for a bit of color...you've made me want to play with wax again :)
    Happy T Day to you

  12. Your twinchies and card look great! I have to admit encaustics were another thing I was in the dark about, but after reading Elizabeth's comment, I think I will stay there!

  13. I so loved how you just went ahead a tried it anyway even though you didn't have the right stuff. Hey isn't that what crafting is all about.
    Happy T for Tuesday to you.

  14. Love that you just kept pushing forward! What a fun look! The inclusions that you used really give a fun look while using up random "stuff" that collects...usually in corners on my workspace.
    Happy Tuesday!

  15. i'm impressed with your improvisational skills. now _that's_ creativity!

  16. LOL! I LOVE the way you think! Unless they are laying right next to the "real" thing, who would know? Maybe YOU just invented a new technique!
    Happy Tuesday

  17. You need to talk to the buyer at that Spar shop...

  18. How cute the twinchies are, love this little size. The cards came out beautifully!! Glad it all worked out for you.

  19. Thanks for your T visit. Wow, you were so creative to invent your own method of doing encaustic! I am impressed.

  20. Am I the only one that thinks that your faux encaustic twinchies look like CRACKERS?!! Goodness. I want to munch on them.

  21. Wow! That worked out really well! Very clever way to do a version of your own. :)
    Happy T-day! :)

  22. How fabulous, and I love that you did not get stuck, without the usual craft things, love the idea of Caustic Soda and melted Candle, well done, and your desk is a bit too tidy, LOL..enjoy your cuppa xxx


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