Tuesday, 20 August 2013

T on Tuesday

I am joining Elizabeth for T on Tuesday... with hot chocolate!  It has been lovely and warm the last few days so the sudden drop in temperature last night caught me out this morning.  The sun is now out and the house is warming up nicely so I think I will sip my hot chocolate and sew a few beads on my snippet roll.
Here is a close up of the snippet roll...
and in this one you can see the paper beads I sat and made to hang from some of the snippets of material.
I am feeling a little sorry for myself today... I had a mole thing removed from under my boob yesterday and have 6 stitches holding me together at the moment (LOL) and they hurt... and I am not allowed to do anything strenuous in case I pull the stitches... which is why I am sitting with a needle and thread instead of vacuuming the house or mopping the floors... ;)
If you are wondering what a snippet roll is you can see how to make one here... they are quite fun and you get use up all the little strips of fabric and lace that you might have hanging about after finishing a project.


  1. Your snippet roll is a beaut! And the hot choco looks yummy. That's for the link cause I would of asked...snippet roll? :) I'll admire yours as I don't own a sewing machine. Have a lovely T day! Nan

  2. Oh wow. I remember you made these in Canada. You can't get away from the cold, can you (grin)? I really must try these, but I'm going to try using plastic spools. Wish me luck because I'm not sure they will turn the color I'm hoping for.

    I LOVE hot chocolate in the winter. It always warms me quite nicely.

    Thanks for joining today for T and snippeTs. Hope that boob feels better soon. Would hate for you to forget how to vacuum, dust, and do dishes (tee hee).

  3. Snippet rolls sound interesting, I did go and check them out. Might consider something like this when the weather turns cold again. Same with the hot chocolate. It was 100'F here today with thunder clouds all around us. Talk about hot and sticky!!

  4. Fabulous snippet hun, and I sure hope your stitches heal quickly, gentle hugs hun xxx

  5. I KNOW it's necessary, and I'm really sorry it's made you sore...but I found the Australians really fascinated to the point of paranoia about moles. My husband is very moley and he must have been asked/warned/advised/frightened about ten times a day! Guess it's the lack of Ozone that makes them more aware of the danger. You gotta have a quiet day because let's face it, you probably don't want to go far without your underwires!
    loving the sewing project..you're, ahem...on a roll with the stitching!!

  6. Love the colours of your snippet roll and look forward to see what you do with it. I've been over to check out the link cos I'm never short of snippets here :-)
    Hope the soreness settles down soon and it heals well....we can't have you sitting having to sew for too long can we?;-)
    A x

  7. Make sure you do rest then and it heals soon. Off to look at link you posted x

  8. I added snippet rolls to my list of things to do before I die.
    Sorry to hear about the boobage. Stitches anywhere hurt but boobs are especially sensitive. But hey, if it gets you out of housework...

  9. Enjoy your hot choc Annette and make sure you take things easy so that you don't pull those stitches.

    Toni xx

  10. Happy Tuesday! I'm to hear about your stitches, hope they heal easy and soon. How pretty the colors are, will have to go look up your link and see how you do this. Sitting there crafting is so much more fun then doing chores, enjoy the slow pace days ahead.

    We've had cold days and cold mornings here too, need my jacket for my morning walk with Lucky. Crazy weather this summer, seems like more fall days now too.
    Take care and rest and see you next week for more T time!

  11. Well, now I think I would do just about anything, Except That, to get out of vacuuming, cleaning, etc.! At least it has not prevented you from creating another beautiful project.

    I had not heard of snippets before. I hope you show yours all rolled up so we can see the finished roll.

    A hot cocoa sounds great for T Tuesday!

  12. LOL - I don't need any excuse to avoid vacuuming or cleaning but I hope your stitches heal quickly - it is sooo cold in Brizzy right now - wouldn't believe we hit 29 today... Happy T for Tuesday... Mxx

  13. Ouch on your stitches and the location is tricky too...wishing you a speedy recovery
    Making your pretty snippet roll is a nice distraction...chores can wait!
    Kiwi Carole makes some lovely things and her snippet rolls have really taken off
    Hope you heal quickly!

  14. hot chocolate is the perfect treat for a chilly day! i had never heard of a snippet roll, but yours is beautiful! i have some buttons and beads that would be perfect on something like this. thx for the idea :)

  15. Hot chocolate is good when there is a chill in the air. Certainly not that here today. :)
    I've never heard of a snippet roll...thanks for providing a link.
    That's a rough spot for stitches...ouch. Here's to a quick recovery.
    Happy Tuesday!

  16. Never heard of a snippet roll. Love your paper beads. Stitches are a hard way to get out of vacuuming--LOL! Spoil yourself. I hope you heal quickly. Happy T-day!! :)

  17. such pretty snippets...love the buttons and beads! thanks for stopping by my blog...I do hope your stitches hold you together and you are quickly healed!


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