Tuesday, 6 August 2013

T Stands for Tuesday

I am joining Elizabeth and the gorgeous Bleubeard for T on Tuesday with...... yes, TEA!  I am sitting at my desk doing the faffing stage of those spinning turntable drawers...
It's not fancy tea... just Yellow Label but in a cup and saucer... which in my book is the only way to drink it!
This is what the other side looks like... 
and this is what it was supposed to look like... hmmmm... ;)  I had a few issues with Kaisercraft's instructions for the drawers.  It said... 'paper both sides of the drawers'... it didn't say do this before putting them together and didn't indicate how they should be put together... glue, or let the paper do the joining... 
I was completely confuffled... if I papered both sides, the paper would tear when I folded them into the box shape... and how was I to glue them together... the instructions also said 'line up the paper designs so they continue up the drawers'...... HOW? I don't have a gazillion sheets of this stuff... and to get the design to do that it would have to be in strips the width of the drawers.... 
so I tried it on two small drawers.... and hated it... it didn't look good and the bottoms of the drawers were bare chipboard.... and the ugly head of OCD reared and I couldn't continue!
So back to the drawing board and I painted them all dark brown... inside and out and on the bottom! LOL
and instead of covering the complete side I decided to cut the papers down, line up the patterns as in the original and have a frame of dark brown on each and I much prefer it that way. 
So now my cup of tea and me are just decorating it with cogs and pearls and bits... maybe next week when we have tea I will actually be able to show you the finished project! :)


  1. You and your cup and saucer. Now you have ME using a cup and saucer when I have tea with you! But today (actually over the weekend) you wouldn't have wanted to be with me. You would have headed for the craft room, the basement, or the office which has its own small window AC. Here in KS, it's not just the heat, but the humidity, too.

    I wish you had been here when I was making my ICAD box. Your boxes are really a work of art. I guess that's how those companies get you to buy extra paper. I actually prefer YOUR version better. Honestly!!

    Since you are the Queen of Embellishments, I look forward to seeing the finished project.

    BTW, I was updating my post when you dropped by. The chess board is made of Onyx. I hope you'll check out the link, because it is something I KNOW you would appreciate. And no, I didn't think onyx was marble.

  2. I like the way your version of the drawers is turning out. The dark borders look classy.

    Enjoy your tea, and thanks for your comment on my tea-dyeing post! <3

  3. I much prefer your 'framed' papers as it brings the whole design together. Love how it's coming along Annette.

    Toni xx

  4. Your drawers are really stunning Annette....what you going to keep in them? What do you stick your papers down with and do you treat the surface after? So many questions eh? :-)

    A x

  5. That dark wash was an inspired idea! The whole thing looks lovely now.


  6. I like yours better! And love the steampunk-y embellishments!

    I want one now! :-)

  7. OMG you are just so talented. Have you ever thought of applying to be on a design team?
    Bridget #6

  8. I for one prefer your version.It looks so much better with the dark brown paint. I am beginning to understand that the Instructions on the pack aren't overly clear!!!
    And as far as your Cup and saucer thing is concerned....the only way to drink real Tea is from a Mug...lolxx

  9. Hello there, coming by from Elizabeth's. I love these drawers, the colors are so pretty. I think your doing a great job on them. How fun it will be to fill them up too. Good luck adding the finishing touches to it.
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. I will try and remember to use a cup and saucer next week! meanwhile, your drawer-turn-around is looking fabulous, but I can see it must be very hard to do and to get right, but it looks really good to me! I want one!!!
    ((Lyn))Happy T Time!

  11. That is simply adorable!! Love the colors. What a lovely piece to add to your studio.
    Happy Tuesday!

  12. Your drawers (LOL) look fabulous ... you've done a great job of making them your own!
    All that handy storage and it looks great too!
    Curious what "yellow label" tea is ? inquiring minds you know...
    Happy T day to you

  13. Gorgeous storage piece...love the way you've finished it!

  14. i like your cup and saucer.

    i agree with the other commenters who like your design with the dark border.

    i can't help but wonder where this drawer set was when i had kids and lots of little pieces of things for various craft projects. this would've helped keep us more organized.

  15. The drawers are looking more beautiful each week, and I can't wait to see them finished with all the embellishments. Maybe, I'll learn a thing or two to help me decorate my boring tool box.

  16. I sometimes think you have to be a mind reader when you interpret instructions Love your version so far.

  17. Oh, you got it finished! This is beautiful and the votes all seem to be in that "we" like your version better!! If and when I drink hot tea it is always is a cup, coffee is in a mug and cold tea is iced and in a tall glass.

  18. Happy T day! That is really coming along nicely. I looked at them and saw the price, and I think I will have to leave it for now!

    Yes the table will be useful, when my son decides we will have a BBQ it is always at our house, and our expense!

    So when we have a whole load of family over it will be good, it is easier to eat at a table.

    Cazzy x

  19. Awesome tower....I found most of KaiserCrafts directions are lacking something!!! If you paper all sides then it doesn't slide well in any of the boxes and the paper eventually scuffs or tears up. I think you did an awesome job with your addition and I love the colors and papers you used!

  20. I look your version. Looking forward to the finished reveal.

  21. Your drawers look fab - Just a flying visit for T for Tuesday - late but happy to see everyone this week... Cheers Mxx #23

  22. This stand is awesome!! Love it!

  23. This is an awesome turntable. I love what you have done with the drawers. What an amazing concept for storing crafts items in. I'm gonna have to get me one of these!
    Teresa in California


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