Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday 221

This is my work desk this Wednesday morning... you can see I am in the process of altering a Pringles tub into a cotton reel.  Graphic45 Secret Garden papers and a TH bird cage are on the desk.  A small pile of stamps that I bought at the weekend and a lovely card from Annie... you may just be able to see the cutest wee teddy in the shopping trolley at the back of the desk, he really is adorable and I have no idea how Annie makes something so small!
Close up of the cotton reel... its work in progress...
the birdcage... not sure if it will end up on the cotton reel yet, it may just end up as a card to go with the reel.
Last weekend Chris took me up to Melany at the Sunshine Coast, its about an hour and half away by car, and we passed the Glass House Mountains on the way up... this one is Tibrogargan... in Aboriginal legend he is supposed to be a hunched gorilla looking out to sea... can you see him? 
So it was a lovely day and we visited the quilt shop in Melany, Quiltopia, and I bought some fabric.
and Ann, the lady that owned the shop gave me a fat quarter of cow material that I had been admiring...
So I made myself a messenger bag! LOL  I think I may be the only person in Brisbane who has a cow bag...
and on the way back down the mountain roads we passed a scrapbooking shop!! So Chris pulled in and I got to do some stash shopping.
and we had lunch out too.. so it was a really good trip and cheered me up after a miserable allergic to the tape on my stitches week! :)
If you would like to check out all the other desks pop on over to the leader of the desk snoop, Julia and link yourself up for a tour of the world!!


  1. I know the minute I leave a comment, Julia will link online and I'll be typing away here (grin).

    Looks like you and Chris had a wonderful time this weekend. I've read SO much about the Sunshine Coast, and had to look it up on a map.

    Just checked and YES, that is what happened. That's why I'm number TWO this week (grin).

    OK, back to Sunshine Coast. I read it is a glorious and beautiful place that never gets really cold. And I've seen their palm trees which means the climate is quite temperate.

    Yes, I saw the gorilla. And I saw all those goodies you got at the fabric store and the scrapbook store, too. Lucky you, especially because Chris is so sweet and that he actually LIKES to shop with you.

  2. I love the beginnings of your cotton reel project. That my favorite G45 paper. happy crafting #3

  3. Had to laugh at the comment you left about my desks. I hope you "know" me well enough by now that I don't leave things sitting out. Everything gets put away before I do something else, or go to a different area of my house. I'm a tad anal in that respect.

    And I would never ask anyone to eat off their lap (grin) because I have to sit at a table with a napkin in my lap, or I simply can't eat. Just like you can't drink your tea unless it's got a saucer under the cup, we both have our little quirks.

  4. I drool every time I visit your desk. You always have the coolest projects, with the most amazing papers and or fabrics. Looks like very beautiful country you live in.
    I love the Aboriginal legend about the mountain. I homeschool my youngest daughter, and I'm going to have her write a short paper on this. I showed her the photo, I covered what you wrote about it with my hand and asked her what she thought it looked like. Her reply, "A Monkey".
    Well I can't wait to see your finished cotton reel. Have a Happy Hump Day!!! (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #1

  5. What pretty pretty paper on your desk. That'll make a lovely project for sure. Love your new stamps! :^) patsy

  6. What a fabby Moo Purse I love messenger purses they hold so much and when you make them they last until the material rips :) Your desk has so many goodies on it too those stamps look so wonderful hugs Nikki 5

  7. The things on your desk are always so pretty! I love that paper and the tub will be all the better for being decorated! The trip sounds good, and how great that you managed to combine it with stash hunting!! Helen, 23

  8. Me again and as always I love it all.. yes even the cow bag! My kitchen curtins used to be cows how funny is that. And what great new goodies, I haven't seen them yet. Have lots of fun with them. Thanks for the peek. Roberta #40

  9. Wow! Where do I begin? This is such a lovely post! I love, love, love the cotton real - so pretty! I can just see that cute, little teddy - yes - how does she get to make things so small? I love your cow messenger bag too! How lovely to be able to make such original things! I am in awe. It looks like you had a wonderful trip and a scrap shop too - heaven! Julie Ann xx #42

  10. Wow, so much to admire this week. Love that secret garden collection but vowed I wouldn't buy any more paper until I stopped stroking the massive amount I have already, not sure if I can resist though. Took me a while to realise which was the Pringle tub - good job there and a fab project, as is your cow bag,
    Ann B

  11. ooooh, such scrummy creations on your desk today! looks like you had a fun trip and got some good goodies! I didn't see they were cows on the bag, till you said - cool!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 38

  12. Oh that messenger bag is to die for, are you goiing to take orders ;-) . Sorry you have had a miserable week but looking at your desk can see the mojo is fighting fit x

  13. Well it's a toss up this morning as to which I like the best - the cotton reel or the cow bag. Two fabulous makes. Am intrigued as to how the cotton reel is going to progress if the birdcage is attached. Will be watching your blog!
    I am not surprised you were admiring that fabric and what you have done with it is truly fabulous. Was looking for it in your earlier photo with my bleary eyes as it was only pre 7 am here when I started looking.
    Fab shop and fab shopping but what is this about stitches?
    Hugs, Neet 25 xx

  14. Fantastic use of a Pringles tub, love it! Your cow bag is awesome, I've never seen material with that pattern on. Sounds like you had a great time with some retail therapy thrown in for good measure. Hugs. Pam#36

  15. Your handback is amaising! I love it!
    Happy WOYWW :-)

  16. Wow, so many projects - and one looks nicer than the others. Love your floral projects and colors. Your bag with the cows is amazing!

  17. The 'cotton reel' is coming along beautifully - great choice of paper.

    Fab photos - all those super goodies too.

    Hope the allergic reaction to the tape is clearing up...big hugs.

    Toni xx

  18. What a fabulous weekend, gorgeous scenery and craft shopping, your Pringle tub, this is awesome hun, your bag is also fab, love your workdesk, happy WOYWW, Avri#52

  19. How clever to use a pringle tub in such a fabulous way. I had to struggle to find it because you'd done such a good job!
    The paper is gorgeous.

    I think you have a good one there...stopping off at all the crafty places to let you shop! WOW.
    I did see the gorilla and loved the cow bag too. Clever you :D
    Enjoy WOYWW
    Neesie #45

  20. That cotton reel project looks lovely and I think your bag is so cute =)
    Happy WOYWW and I wish you a lovely week.
    xx Monique #94

  21. Loving that cotton reel.
    Carolyn #92

  22. Sounds like you had a great day. Love all the goodies you got and the cow bag is gorgeous. I'm impressed you made it so quickly! #17

  23. Wonderful creations on your desk and I admire you for being able to cut up the Graphics 45 paper. I am still at the admiring stage. Love the pics of Melaney lovely place to visit over the weekend. Isn't the weather glorious for winter?
    Sandra @34

  24. I think I see the gorilla but not sure. We have a rock here called Elephant Head and sometimes I see it but most often not. Anyway, your bag is fabulous! Love it! And your cotton reel is looking real cool! Great desk! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #105

  25. Love the cow bag and yes I an see the gorilla.
    Famfa 8

  26. Simply gorgeous papers you are using on the cotton reel and birdcage. But your COW BAG just has to be the best ever, love it. How fortunate finding that shop and Chris letting you stop off and get all that lovely stash. Thanks for popping by BJ#6

  27. Gorgeous. Such pretty paper and I can't wait to see it finished - cause unlike me there is a good chance you will actually finish it this week. I just get so sidetracked....


    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (22)

  28. What a great day out ending with scrapbook shopping sou ds like heaven... What a well trained hubby !
    Jackie 39

  29. Love the 'cow' bag. what you can do with fabric is amazing!

  30. So much eye candy! The cotton spools are so pretty. I love the cow bag. Thank you for sharing. April #24

  31. How exciting to take a little trip and run across a scrapbook store. I love your cow messenger bag, too silly and definitely unique. I really like the Secret Garden paper but didn't get any because I knew I would just hoard it and not use it. What you are doing with it is beautiful.

  32. Looks like a great trip. Love the stash and your project. Lovely. 108

  33. Happy WOYWW!! Love all your amazing goodies!!! Those stamps are great!
    -tera #111

  34. I have some fun cow print flannel which I will be making into pajama pants when I teach that unit at school near Christmas. I will have to try and remember to post them for you to see. Kim 112 Love the cow purse!

  35. I love visiting your blog, you make such clever things. Love that cotton wheel. I love going to Maleny, they have such quirky things up there, usually costs me a fortune when I go. I am so in love with your cow bag, now that's original.
    Have a great week.

  36. It's been years since I have been to Maleny, I love exploring all the crafty shops there, so I can just imagine what a great day it would have been. How adorable is your cow bag and I love all your new stash and those beautiful graphic 45 papers on your desk. Have a great week! Danie #62

  37. Sorry for the late visit, but we were without internet yesterday due to a huge storm! I love your G45 project and your cow bag could just start a trend in town! I LOVE that clock die of Tim's, have used it a lot and done a concertina card with it. #63

  38. Thanks for a peek at the "gorilla" mountain! I'm here in Texas and will probably never see it in person!!! Sounds like you had nice day trip! Cute bunch of things you brought back too! Thanks for sharing!

  39. I want that cow material! I do! I do! My daughter would die for it and I would be the bestest Mother on earth!!!
    What a smashing time you had, pity all days aren't like that!

    Bishopsmate #77

  40. Great post - I love that gorilla peeking out on the mountain! Fab bag - you ran that up quickly! Hope you are feeling better. x Jo

  41. Your husband is just brilliant letting you go stash shopping AND fabric shopping too LOL! Looks like you had a fantastic time x

  42. You have inspired me, your work of art has a place of reverence in my craft room lol. At work we have these paper rolls for our ATM machine and I have started collecting them to make something out of. Watch my space!!
    Bridget #80


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