Wednesday, 21 August 2013


This is my desk early on Wednesday morning here in less than warm Brisbane!  I have a nice hot latte to keep the fingers from freezing up while I make a card... a male card... a male get well card... yep, it doesn't get harder than that!  My eldest brother is going into hospital for an op on Friday so I thought I would make him a card... not sure if it will help with his recuperation or set him back a week! LOL
At the back is the little twinchies book I made yesterday and to the right is my ATG gun on its stand... if you want a stand for yours, I have a tutorial to make this version here.
This is as far I have got... and my Mojo has hopped off to warmer climes or something so I am stuck... not sure what to add... 
Now how is that for a short and sweet WOYWW post?  LOL
Pop on over to Julia's for the linky list of desks to visit... some cluttered, some pristeen, lots of inspiration and lovely people to meet.


  1. I think it's great and will set the clogs in motion and get him feeling better! I like the little shopping trolley -thingy- holder Really cute! You'll have to get WOYWWendy to push it!
    ((Lyn)) happy Woyww
    no number yet

  2. Love the cogs! A twinchie booklet? Oh I need to make one! I've just gotten into them...a booklet would be fab to hold them. Have you posted it? I've only done one large photo album..appreciate any assistance. Thanks for the earlier visit! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #1

  3. I would love to follow that tutorial, but I don't own an ATG (grin). You know me. I don't make cards, so I have NO idea what to do next. May I suggest Pinterest for inspiration? That's where my friend Kathy copies all her ideas.

    I hope you realize that puzzle has been there since I opened it over a year ago. I'm so proud of it, unlike the one I sent you in haste, and didn't take time to clean the glue off properly. Even we anal crafters make unforgivable mistakes on occasion.

    I was off doing other things when Julia posted, so I'm late getting here. Happy WOYWW from # 10. Yep, you beat me.

  4. ha, ha, that is so funny for you to say it may set him off a week! i'm sure he will appreciate it! happy WOYWW! peggy aplSEEDS@12

  5. I always struggle with male cards too, I think most crafters do.

    Have a great week

    Candace #14

  6. You could always add some rusty paint colours to it and it's looking good I always struggle with boy cards they are tough
    have fun creating it hugs Nikki 22

  7. Your twinchie book has me wanting to take a closer look-see and I love your steam punk inspired card for your brother. I am sure it will brighten his day knowing you are thinking of him. I know what you are meaning about cold today, being a few 100ks south of you in Brizzy, I would have to say the wind chill is the coldest we have had all winter. Have a great week and Happy WoYWW. Danie #17

  8. I have a really difficult time creating masculine cards. I guess I'm a to girlie. I really like the cogs.

  9. Well Im back again, you got me hooked. lol The gears are my daughter thing. You will come up with something awesome I know it. Have a great day and Bright blessings to you and yours Roberta 26s..

  10. That card is coming along beautifully I so love cogs on cards. Pretty awesome gun stand thanks for the tutorial might actually make one, the problem is where to put it LOL.

    Hey it is cold here in Melbourne too.. although we have the sun peeping through today...

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 24

  11. Haven't spotted the twinchie book so will go back and do a bit of link following. Must follow your link for the ATG gun too, only because I am nosey as I have my own "cat" version.
    I have two canvasses on my desk today which might help but then again one has flowers on - see what you think.
    Haven't found the twinchie book so must look back in your blog. In the meantime keep sipping the hot latte, I had no idea it got so cold in Oz. (We have a twinchie challenge on Artful Times this week - might be worth a look - see my blog for link)
    Hugs, Neet xx

  12. Those cogs are always so good for male cards of all types.
    Judy #28

  13. It's a great start and I'm sure your brother will appreciate the kind wishes and effort you've put in. MMx #33

  14. Oh I hate making cards for men, so I think you've done just fine - hope your brother gets well soon. Have a great (girly filled) crafting week. Helen 8

  15. The card looks great already! I love the background and the cogs. It's perfect for a man and I'm sure it'll help make him on the road to recovery. Hope your fingers have thawed a bit more now! Have a great day! Julie Ann xx #35

  16. loving all the Timmy stuff I see on your card and desk. Hope your brother has a fast recovery and your card does not set him back...#46

  17. Good luck for your brother on Friday x

  18. Hope you're more comfortable today girly! I like the card as is - see, I'd be at the stage of whacking a sentiment on it and getting it in the post...don't see you making cards often, I like it!

  19. Trust all goes well for your brother - and that the cogs turn in the right direction for him to move forward not back!!
    Golly, I never think of Australia as cold... 20 is hot here!
    Have a good week.
    Margaret #58

  20. Hope you have warmed up.

    The card looks great Annette - not sure it needs much more...perhaps just a sentiment.

    Toni xx

  21. Oh, I made twinchies they are on my desk, the card you are making for your brother and hope all goes well for him, xxx Avril#56

  22. Brilliant twinchie book, love it!
    Smashing gun holder
    I have just had a very informative visit............. hope the mojo hits in soon with your card.
    Bishopsmate #73

  23. Such a cute little twinchie book! Love the cogs - perfect for a man's card - can even see them turning!! lol x Jo

  24. I love how the card is going and am sure if you walk away for a few minutes you will go back with new ideas to finish it off. Hope the stitches are healing well and are a lot less sore today.
    A x # 61

  25. A male get well card well that one is all yours. In saying that I am loving what you have done so far and I really don't think that you need to add much more.
    Have and extra special WOYWW and week
    Hugs Ria #87

  26. I am liking your card - you brother is going to be pleased to receive it and hopefully get better soon.

    I don't know what a Twinchie is so I'm off to find out

    Daisy 78#

  27. I think I can just about remember cold - and I still prefer it.

    sure the get well card will be well received, and hope all goes well with brother.

    Lynda #96

  28. That card is fabulous, I'm sure it will make your brother feel much better. I love the cogs and the clock face bit.
    It was so cold this morning that I thought it was going to snow! Don't like this weather, bring back the heat I say.
    Have a great week, if you can feel your fingers.
    Von #62

  29. Oh yes I struggle with the male cards. Yours is looking good. Am sure it will help him get better. Love the tape holder. Am going to have a go!! Happy WOYWW Anne x #92

  30. Hope operation goes well for your brother
    Think I prefer the cold to the very hot weather we have had!
    Jackie 44

  31. What a great card for your brother. Hope he gets well soon.
    I'm loving the little shopping trolley in the back of your desk. So cute =)
    Happy WOYWW Hugs Monique #110

  32. Now that was a short post! I keep scrolling down thinking there must be more, there's always more!! Hope the op goes well for your brother.

    Brenda 2

  33. The card is looking great and I'm sure with a sentiment on it will be fine. Love the idea of a stand for the ATG and I might have to make one so thanks for that.

    Happy WOYWW. Susi #66

  34. I had a good laugh that you didn't know if it would make your brother better or set him back a week. I think it will make him better to know you are thinking of him. The card is off to great start for sure! I got rid of my ATG gun being more of a glue person myself. My gripe about it was that the tip always seemed to be sticking to something it shouldn't as it got shuffled round my desk and it also picked up cat hair like crazy. I think you were wise to build a stand for yours as that solves those problems.

  35. We could swap a few degree. Much too hot here. Hope you soon gear up and get the card in motion. to make that happen i usually snoop around Pinterest.
    Monica 81

  36. Hi Annette, now, here's me thinking that it must be warm down there in the Antipodes! If it is any consollation it's wet, very wet, here and the temperature has dropped, in fact it feels autumnal. So far so good with the card, like you say, male and get well couldn't be more difficult. I'm sure it will come to you exactly what it needs pretty soon. And the little twinchie book is impressive. Hope you have a good week. Elizabeth x #47

  37. You could say on the card that you hope everything is back in gear in no time -- referencing both the gears and the clock. lol Hope inspiration alights upon you again! Happy WOYWW from Laura #116

  38. Your "male" card is looking good and I'm sure he will love it no matter what, since his little sister made it :) Hope he gets better quickly. Happy woyww, Rasz #123

  39. ....the shape in the basket to the right....ohooo yes... they are all (pink one as well) paper-machee seahorses left over from months ago, they looked like dead baby rabbits! yuk, and were too heavy looking to hang in a flower arrangement (my mum's) so I ended up making acetate ones, so much better!

  40. Lovely starting point - but I'm not sure what you would need to add other than a nice sentiment - maybe a steampunk-y man? He;ll love it and I'm sure it will brighten his day. Love the solution for the ATG too. Mine is just tossed wherever there is room and then it gets buried :)

    Happy (better late than never) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (27)

  41. Mmmmm, gotta love gears and cogs!! I don't what it is about them that I find so fascinating but Steampunk floats my boat.
    Good luck for your brother and hope you're feeling better too.....
    Hugs. LLJ 63 xx

  42. Hi Ms. Annette, I trust your brother is doing well. I'm sure he'll love the card. I didn't get a post up this week, I have been feeling a bit like doo-doo the past few weeks. I hardly did any visiting last weeks either, but I miss everyone, so I am determined to visit as many desks as I can this week. I have never heard of a twinchie til today. That is the coolest thing EVER!!! Do you have tutorials on how to make one?? Hope you are staying warm, and having a great weekend. (((HUGS)))


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