Saturday, 17 September 2011

Alice in Wonderland Jigsaw Swap

I joined an altered jigsaw swap at UKScrappers... to simplify things we all make the same pieces on our jigsaw and then send them to Netty who gets the fun job of dividing them up and returning them.  I chose Alice for my theme, others are doing the Mad Hatter, the talking flowers etc.
So this is what mine looks like with all the Alice pieces!!

This is an close up... I used texture paint on the chipboard and then coated this with tissue paper.  I printed the Alice image onto tissue paper and added to the background.  Made some flowers from 7Gypsy map papers and embedded a mirror (to represent the looking glass) and then got little glass phials and filled them with beads and coloured liquid.  I added the 'drink me' tag as the final touch and now I can post them off!!


  1. Wow Annette, what stunning pieces. I really look forward to seeing the complete jigsaw once all the different pieces have been assembled.

    Toni xx

  2. This is awesome. I've made puzzle pieces before, but they have all been single pieces that I sent out and another person has altered and returned to me. I think I like this idea much better, plus I like the idea of working in sets like this. It's so much easier to make a dozen of the same something for a swap, and I like all the pieces, including the mirror. Where did you get a mirror that size? The entire puzzle (and individual pieces) is perfect. I look forward to seeing the completed puzzle.

  3. That is really gorgeous Annette. I really love the under the earth feel.
    I have just put my part of the puzzle onto my blog. It will be great when they all come together.

  4. Stunning much work everyone will love them.

  5. oh wow,stunning work,just amazing,they will just love these too bits,hugs cherylxxxx

  6. Oh Annette that's gorgeous (as always) can't wait to see the other pieces please share if you can.



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