Wednesday, 28 September 2011

WOYWW and Yellow Pages Fairy Tutorial

This could be regarded as a bonus feature or whatever the opposite is to a bonus feature... but it is Wednesday which means that it's that time to reveal desks in all their gory detail to be perused by like minded souls and you can find all the details at the desk of our leader, Julia.
So on my work desk is an empty cup of tea.... where's a good tea making fairy when you need one?? Also there is the pile of freshly cut golden dress forms ready to be turned into Yellow Pages fairies!! Looking at my green mat I think a new one could be top of my Christmas list... it is looking decidedly grim with ink and cut marks!
So Neet asked if there was a tutorial for making the Yellow Page dress forms and as I have 9 of them to make I thought I might as well document it so if anyone wants to have a play, they can!!

Yellow Pages Fairy Dress Form
You will need:
 to 'borrow' a copy of the Yellow Pages from somewhere.
 a Tim Holtz Sewing Room Die
a butterfly die
a Cuttlebug
a glue stick
Glimmer Mist
Inks or metallic felt tip pen

Grab your Yellow Pages and cut strips about 3” wide from your chosen pages.  Do not feel bad about the Yellow Pages, this is a form of recycling... you Google everything you want to know anyways!!
If you are making one fairy you will need about 25-30 Yellow Page forms and one chipboard base form. I found that about 10 forms of the Yellow Pages can be cut at once without any problem at all.

Cover chipboard base with your chosen paper... I used a piece of the Yellow Pages for my original one because you really aren’t going to see very much of it. If you use a glue stick and stick the paper to the chipboard and then put it through the Cuttlebug you get a perfect cut out already papered... you can choose to cut both individually and faff about getting it on their perfectly if you wish but I have 9 of these to make...
Cut the stand and the little nob at the top off of your paper dress forms leaving yourself with a torso. oooh, that sounds all CSI and grim...
Take a slurp of your Capuccino Mocha and tell yourself that a few hundred of these dress forms will be a piece of cake (go get yourself a piece of cake if it helps and whilst you are in the kitchen get me a piece too)!
I tried inking the edges and it was a bit hit or miss.... the paper is very thin so I opted to using a copper marker and drawing around the edge of the forms.... all of them... (then take a painkiller because your tendonitis is really giving you jip at this point)...
Once you have your lovely little pile of outlined forms you can start!!
Fold each one in half longways...
Get your glue stick and take the first YP form... run glue stick along the straight edge... not too wide or your pages will glue together and that is not the look we are going for...
Put next form on top and then glue stick that along the straight edge... and keep going until you have done all  of them... you will find that you have excess glue stickiness along the border and this is good... it helps to hold it all in place.
Place your pile of body forms on the centre line of your chipboard form, it will sort of stay in place because of the excess glue ;)
Fold out the bottom right hand half of your pile and glue onto the chipboard form.  Do the same for the left hand side and now your pile will splay out evenly. Voila!!
I used a butterfly die cut in half for wings and glittered them up a little and attached them to the back of the fairy.
You can now decorate it as you wish... a little Glimmer Mist sprayed over it adds sparkle.

You now have your Yellow Pages Fairy... and I have 8 more to make... 


  1. Those fairies look wonderful!! Too bad I don't have those die-cuts. Thanks so much for the tutorial, Annette!

  2. As you know I do love these, so happy to see your method. Of course I'd need to get the die, and a different die cut machine, and yellow pages, but if I do, this will be top of my list! :D. No, I do mean it, they are just so sweet, and I love the colours you chose, it's almost worth handcutting to give it a go.
    (tee, hee. The predictive text thing wanted to make that handcuffing in the worst way)
    happy woyww
    Mary Anne

  3. Absolutely love the tutorial and admired them last week.I have me yellow pages ,but also some vintage book pages which im keeping.Just have to save up for the die
    love the look of your
    Have good wedensday and happy Creative week
    hugs judex 13

  4. I love these - thanks for a step-by-step :)
    Stuff the tea fairy - I want some of that capuccino mocha!
    Have a wonderful WOYWW!
    aka Sheleen at Patchwork Apples

  5. Wonderful idea, will have to give it a go..will have to get the die

    Thanks for the peek and sharing.

    xoxo Marjo #30

  6. Oooh that looks such fun might have to have a play at one later -thanks for the inspiration (must remember to clear my desk of precious items before spraying a glimmer spray though(you need to read my post to see why!)) - thanks for sharing.

  7. Fab fairy - love her and I have printed off the instructions and will make one as soon as my life allows me to play! Thanks for stopping by today already.

  8. the wings are perfect proportion personified, she is a very lovely formed fairy, ha ha, you will want more than cake by the time you finish will want Spyders drugs...

    please do make the journal you abandoned and do a swap with me, I promise to have a go at a dress form if you will do the journal thang...
    happy wednesday Mrs Neat Freak,


  9. Aww how cute is that mannikin, thanks for the tutorial. Love the tidiness and organisation of your spacve ... and where is my cappocino???
    Cathy xx

  10. i enjoyed that tutorial but without the cuttlebug, i think i would need tons of capuccino mochas! i love the 3d effect of the pages! thanks for sharing!

  11. Brilliant! Thank you - will probably have to try this now. Mind, if you send me off to get cake, I may be gone some time! I love that you work in such a manner that you have room for a cup and saucer...I can't get a mug on the desk, let alone some refinement!

  12. Commenting for the second time:::::
    Brilliant tutorial, thanks - but beware - if you send me off for cake, I may be gone some time! Love how you work in a way that allows room for a cup and saucer. I have no room for a mug, let alone anything of refinement!

  13. Thanks for the tutorial; looks quite labor intensive, but turns out great! Makes me want to do one!

  14. What a clever idea they look fantastic .
    Have a lovely week x

  15. Hi there. Bit of a flying visit from me today i'm afraid but I did want to pop on in. Thanks for sharing your creative space with us this week.
    Glad I don't have to make loads of those! I did some similar christmas decorations last year so know how fiddly and time intensive they are!

  16. What a brilliant idea and excellent tutorial. Love those, just wish I had that die.

  17. Great tutorial ....I wonder if one could adapt this for wall decorations at Xmas ...glitter edges to ???? bells and balls ????

    Is that a mat or a stencil in the background??? it looks a bit like a tray mat I saw recently.

  18. What a fabulous idea. It reminds me of those tissue paper decorations that open out like that - I love those! If you have trouble inking the edges of paper because it keeps catching, I recommend Inkylicious Ink Dusters. I've done a tutorial (plus video) which you can see on my blog. These brushes are so soft that you can ink the thinnest paper with no catching. I love the idea of using up old Yellow Pages! This project is so cool - it's going on my To Do list. You could do one as a pop-up in a card, too! Happy WOYWW, and enjoy your latte.

  19. Thank you for the lovely tutorial! Looking at the comments it seems that it is well appreciated! Yes cake and tea with crafting - BLISS!

  20. oh, what the fairy dress forms and the cute tute! TFS! Pop Art Minis TWEETED TOO!

  21. ....phew, I am back from the kitchen... tis a place I very rarely visit but... I found a chocolate HobNob, will that do instead of the cake? thanks for the TUT... I was doing it wrong the other day... doh... sticking the whole things together, no wonder they looked a bit crap lol Hope the tendonitis is improving x

  22. If I lived close I would make your tea so you could do wonderful little tutorials!!!
    Thanks for sharing the details for your dress form.
    Keep smiling and creating

  23. This is fabulous! Thank you so much for taking the time to post the tutorial. And I am going to give this a try, I have the dressform die and the same butterfly die you have. So will attempt this weekend!

    Elaine Allen

  24. How gorgeous, wonderful fairies tfs Jenny

  25. Ooh your fairies are amazing! So clever and creative re-cycling always gets my vote :)

    I see you had a visit from the cappuchino fairy even if the tea making one is missing! :)

  26. Great tutorial, got a chuckle out of me too - fab way to recycle yellow pages. I don't have the dressform die yet but I think I need it... Happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week ahead. Elizabeth x #73

  27. a very refined cup and saucer and a fab-u-lous manequin ( splet wrong but ?) thanks for letting me peek on your world. Happy Crafting XX Sharne

  28. What a doll you are! Thanks for sharing I'll be sure to give you credit IF I find time to make one.
    Hugs, Chris xo

  29. You will get through a lot of cake by the the time they are all finished Annette. Great tutorial.
    I am looking forward to one of your Fairies coming to live with me :-)

  30. Thanks for sharing the 'how to' but could you make my drink a latte...Ta!!!

    Your dress-form fairies are super.

    Toni xx

  31. Excellent....that was great! Super tutorial but like the others above....I want something different to drink. I prefer a nice cold glass of white wine. Never mind the coffee, it keeps me up all night.

  32. Thanks for the tutorial. Dress form is cute.

  33. Thanks for thr tutorial! Love your fairy. I don't think I would have the patience for 9.
    Happy WOYWW

  34. I got a late start yesterday because I fell asleep before I could link up with Julia. Now I'm just trying to catch up. I really need that coffee. It even looks my shad of white, too. Your tutorial is fantastic. I love all the little quirky comments you added, like the one tendinitis. A fun read, awesome photos, and a super tutorial. What more could one ask for. BTW, I'm 42 this week. Can you believe it? Yep, I need that coffee.

  35. Just read your comment. Still 42. Next week, I may be in the top 10 again, maybe even 1. I'm hoping to age backward (grin).

  36. Oh, the YP Fairy is wonderful! Thank you for doing the tutorial!
    I am having a giveaway and would love for you to enter!
    xoxo Karen

  37. I loved that tutorial and it reminded me of some of the Christmas decorations we used to have - snowmen and Santas, which could be folded flat in storage and opened out and fluffed up when we wanted them, Might have to think about that and see what I can come up with. thank you for that idea.

  38. Superb and so creative.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  39. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you - now come Monday (when I hope life will be a little less hectic) I am going to be able to make one of these.
    Your desk could almost be my desk - my green mat and yours are twins.
    Thanks for the tutorial and thanks for sharing - Neet xxx

  40. Well - had a busy workshop yesterday - 26 peeps (24 really as two were ill) and been dem'ing all day today. But, despite that when I got home last night I ripped the TV magazine to bits and made my dress form according to your excellent tutorial. Thank you so much. It's for a DT thingy that I was late with which just happened to be "use a magazine" so you saved my bacon in more ways than two. Thanks again - loved it and now want to do another.

  41. Thanks for the fab tutorial, am loving your fairies. :)

    Ali #67

  42. This great, Neet pointed me in the way of your tutorial. Now I just need to get that die...

  43. What a fabulous fairy! Her dress reminds me of my Gran's box of Christmas decorations. She had bells made of crepe paper that opened out and then folded flat again to be stored.

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