Monday, 26 September 2011

That dress form once more...

Are you sick of it yet?  No?  Neither am I!! ;)   I was looking at the chipboard cut out of the dress form this morning and wondering what else I could do with it.... as one does.... and did you know that if you chop her off at the waistline you have a really good lamp?  No?  Just me then.... and if you then chop the neck bit nice and straight you have cute little dish and a lid!!
How cool is that???   You could leave the lid off and fill the top with little flowers... 
and I gave the yellow pages fairy some wings and I really do like her now.
and I found some lovely bright papers and made a '60's style fairy...  


  1. You are certainly coming up with ideas for that dress form....loving the lampshade. LOL

  2. You are too clever and so inspiring! Hope your weather is holding well.
    Chris xo

  3. They say crafters find other uses for things LOL

    Am loving your dress-form phase Annette. Everyone of them has been fab.

    Toni xx

  4. Very creative Annette - can't wait to see these dressform fairies in real life :D

  5. Just popped over from Hels' blog, & so glad I did Annette! These ideas are sew creative, I love them!!! x

  6. Love it! :)
    What a fantastic imagination... great idea!


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