Thursday, 1 September 2011

Tip In Swap Pages....

It's the final countdown... just a couple more to go and I can leg it up to the post office and get these in the post!!
This is jainethepain's page on positive thinking... I figure love is a very positive thing and these papers haven't photgraphed very well as they have some lush gold in them that doesn't seem to show up...
This is MrsMcF's page and she chose 'on this day in 1861'.... well I was stumped as I couldn't figure out how to do a page on the birth of Italy or the American Civil War and then Chris phoned me last night and made a couple of suggestions one of which was the first colour photograph!!  That will do nicely dear, thank you very much!!  The first colour photograph was of a tartan ribbon... and with a name like MrsMcF I am sort of banking on the fact that there may be some Scots heritage in her family tree...
The negative (which is actually a paintchip for coloured stains and see through plastic and I thought would work for a large photo negative)  lifts up to reveal the journalling information which reads:
The first colour photograph, 1861
The first colour photograph was produced by James Clerk Maxwell (1831 - 1879)
Maxwell's photographer took three different photographs of a tartan ribbon, each with different coloured filters; these were used to make three positive slides lantern slides which then projected together on a screen to make a colour photograph.
Two more to go.... and they are mine.... so anything goes!! ;)

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