Saturday, 3 September 2011

Niagara Falls...

Mostly this post is for Elizabeth.... because she is the only one who specifically asked to see the photos of our weekend in Niagara... most other people who visit my blog would prefer if I stuck to mini books and stuff.... so feel free to click away now as it's pretty photo heavy!! LOL
Christopher, Chris and I standing on the road next to our hotel with the falls in the background... as you can see, it was a bit breezy and yes, I did put Christopher's feet in growbags when he was a kid... what other explanation could there be for his towering over us?  Actually, he is the same height and build as my brothers... and I used to be skinny like him too! :)
Christopher with the falls in the background.
This was taken from our hotel suite... we had a fabulous view of the horseshoes falls.

This was the view from the window... without son and heir in it!!  How brilliant is that?  We were on the 19th floor and looked straight down onto the Canadian side of the falls. (The Canadian Falls or Horseshoe Falls are by far the prettier and more magnificent out of the two and I am glad we chose to see them from the Canadian side rather than going over the border to the US of A... which would have been difficult as Christopher has the old style passport and they aren't accepted in the US anymore).
These are the US Falls... taken from the Maid of the Mist boat.
This is the Maid of the Mist heading into the falls.... and yep, we got very wet!!
See?  Very wet... and those bin liners they give you to wear don't help if you get caught in a rain storm prior to doing the trip... in fact, if I had fallen in, I could not have been any wetter... 
This is the Spanish car that carries you over the Falls... it was great and I wasn't scared at all!!
Chris and I when we broke for lunch... I'm a scrapbooker... it is mandatory to have lots of cheesy photos!!
Then we did a helicopter flight over the Falls... it was a great way to see them!

Coming in to land...
Christopher down at the edge of the falls... the week before we arrived a young Japanese tourist fell in from this area and they didn't find her body for 4 days... we still saw people that were prepared to climb and get really close to the edge, which just seemed insane to me! Poor Christopher... he knows he can't argue with me and the camera and the majority of the time just gives in gracefully!! ;)
This was the view from the helicopter... it was amazing viewing it from above and the spray goes so far up in the air... the entire town is very humid from it.
Me in the helicopter... and not looking at all scaredy cat for someone that doesn't do heights!
We also went up the Skylon Tower and had a fantastic vantage point for both the US and the Canadian Falls.
and the Canadian Falls from the Skylon Tower.
Christopher up the Skylon Tower overlooking the Falls.
We had a fabulous time and managed to see the falls from almost every possible angle!!


  1. Wonderful photos Annette and what amazing views you had. What a fabulous trip for you to enjoy all together.

    Toni xx

  2. What amazing photos! I've never been but my parents went there on their honeymoon (1945!!) and loved it. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You made my day. I love all these photos and I mentioned on your blog a couple of weeks ago that you would get some absolutely AWESOME shots. After all, you were in every conceivable venue the Falls offered. I was certainly not disappointed. Now I can't wait to see how you scrapbook your time there.

    I can truthfully say all three of you look extremely happy and relaxed in the photos, even when doused in water while on the Maid of the Mist. Love that you called the blue coverings "bin liners." And I'm so glad I'm one of those people who love your mini books and such, but I also love your photos when you are out and about. And these are truly spectacular!

  4. I love the photgraphs and I love your minibooks and scrapbooking. I just like reading your blog whatever you write about.

  5. I love seeing your photos too, so thank you! I am very envious of your trip - it looks amazing, which is an over-used word, but justified here I think!

  6. FAB photographs there and not boring at all. I hope they are as good if and when I ever get there, as get there I will one day!!
    Thanks for sharing the cheesey photos too!! Looking forward to seeing the album now!

  7. Omg...that's an amazing photo story. I really enjoyed watching, because i'll never see it real. Thanks so much for showing. If i had a wish ....or however watching a super bowl? I have to think about it while watching your photos again(:o)

  8. i always like to read your blog, you have been to some amazing places, i love the stuff you do but i also like to see the places you have been from a normal point of view and not from a sales point of view, great pics, fab place!

  9. I have always loved Niagara Falls...the photos from the helicopter are magnificent...


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