Saturday, 24 September 2011

Umbrella Man and Dress Form....

OK... you can relax... they are not on the same project!! ;)  Mind you, now I may have to figure something out that would incorporate both... LOL
So... I bought brollie man... it's all Dan's fault as he has been tempting me with fabby images of brollie man for a couple of years but we both know that I don't 'do' Dan's style, well, not so much don't as 'can't' as it always turns out looking like I have dumped whatever  'it' was in a mud puddle.  But... that didn't stop me buying brollie man when the opportunity arose so I thought the right thing to do was make Dan pay for luring me into brollie world something with the it... and I did masking.... and sponging.... and spraying of mists... and I actually quite like it!! ;)

and now back to normal me.... and the dress form!!
I'm still working on Christmas fairy ideas for the swap... the Yellow Pages fairy is probably the one but I have to try a few options before embarking on destroying all the Yellow Pages in the street...


  1. Both projects are fabulous Annette. I think you should give Dan one of The Crafty Elf's..."I blame you" badges LOL

    Toni xx

  2. These are terrific. I love how you have thought outside the box. A dress form fairy - wonderbar!

  3. I'm a HUGE fan of grunge, and that background for the Umbrella Man is perfect in my books. Wish I could get the wonderful drips you managed in that card. It is awesome.

    As for your Christmas fairy, I like this one, being the recipient of one of your trees last year. But I have to agree that the Yellow Pages still have my vote for the best of all the ones I have seen so far. BTW, you have come up with some pretty spectacular cards in the process. I wish I could play in your sandbox for ONE day!

  4. These are brilliant, love the Christmas fairy, she's amazing.

  5. Yay yay! Love your Brollie Man piece - there'll be no looking back I am sure now! The dress form is great too!

  6. too have been lured in...resistance is futile!! Like what you did - marvellous moody rainy background.


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