Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What's on You Workdesk Wednesday 21st September 2011

Jeepers creepers... I have been a busy bee today!!  I woke up and decided that I needed to move the scrap room about so that I got some actual daylight on my desk.... so I have pushed and dragged and shoved and emptied and refilled and it's done!!  OK... nearly done as I am still sitting at my computer desk which is in the same place and needs to be moved but I am a scaredy cat... Chris is away for two weeks and if I don't put the pc back together properly I will be without the interwebs until he gets home.... 2 weeks without the interwebs is not something I wish to even think about... maybe I'll just wait for some poor unsuspecting visitor to ring the doorbell and then get them to help me move the entire desk with everything still connected...

So this is where the desk started the day off...
and under that window is where I want it to end up...
and this is the mess I made moving everything about...
but by mid afternoon things are beginning to look a bit better and Pandy decided to investigate all the new spots that can be climbed up...
and here she is trying to decide if she could make the leap to the other work desk...
but most of the time she sat quietly...
and TomTom just wished I could do all the moving quietly...
So this is my new corner set up... and the window light makes a huge difference!
and the other desk which gets used for larger stuff that requires laying out.
and here it is all tidy and sorted once more...
and the lounge area is now moved over to where the desk used to be.
I did manage to finish my cotton reel made from a gravy tub before I started moving everything about.
It's Graphic45 Le Cirque papers
and when you lift the lid there are some hanging bits... a penny farthing is in the centre.
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  1. I'm tired just reading this. You put in a real day's work here, kiddo. Now you and the fur babies can take a much needed rest, while I admire that lovely reel. It is ADORABLE. I love the center, too. So imaginative.

  2. Wow, you're a quick worker!
    The room looks beautifl... organised and ready to be made a complete crafty mess of :) Have a wonderful WOYWW!

  3. Whamma bamma! And TomTom sleeps on ;) Love your new positioning and definately you should get the milkman or mailman or whatever unsuspeting visitor to hook up the interwebs. No need to tell Chris - he'll be so proud of you when he gets home and you better believe TomTom isn't saying a word. Beautiful Cotton Reel Container - love the outside and INSIDE too!

  4. I wish I had half your energy ... that was some move you did.
    Love that 'cotton reel', what a great make,and all the ickle bits and bobs ... I might need to have a go at this one ... when we get to the bottom of the tub (which is new!!)...
    Happy WOYWW
    Cathy xx

  5. Wow I love your room! I would love to have a whole room to myself, I do feel lucky to share my space with the spare bed however!
    Your cotton reel is stunning too.
    Helen x

  6. Wow your craft room looks fab hunni good job done!It looks very light where you have your desk now better for crafting.Don't blame you for not wanting to move comp,im not a techy either and be just my luck id pull lead or something out,and not be able to replace.So im with you on this wait better to have internet than not.Have fab creative week and happy woyww
    hugs judex 10

  7. Wowzer you've been a busy bee! Love your new layout your room is so... well roomy! That reel is out of this world what a clever idea, so imaginative you are a very talented lady. Love the penny farthing in the middle where did that come from?? Thanks for sharing xx

  8. oh marvellous, your room is growing amazingly, (please pop round and do mine!) Love your gravy tin/cotton reel thingy!! Happy woyww

  9. Oh my, you had a full day's work there..... love all the pics showing the before during and after - good luck with the computer move..... Love your recycled gravy tub cotton reel - it looks beautiful and the hanging bits inside are fab. Have a good day.

  10. Was going to comment on the cats first of all but that cotton reel just took my breath away - fantastic! But then everything you do is!
    Love your room, so clean and spacious and I just adore the words on the wall.
    Give both Pandy and Tom Tom a cuddle from me. Hugs, Neet #7

  11. every time I go past my kindness shelf I pick up your kindness to me (my altered gravy pot that is now a magnificent cotton reel) and 'love' it, and I handle the fabric roll and sigh deeply at it's gorgeousness, if that's what you made in the dark, God Help Us now you are moving into the light...

    Niall cut the power off last week without warning - they heard me scream at the top of the road as my Mac went BLACK....


  12. It always scares me to move my PC...I take a picture of all the cords plugged then I know where they go after I move it.. thats the theory anyways.

    Happy WOYWW, thanks for sharing
    xoxo Marjo #36

  13. You've done a great job moving your craft area - it DOES look much better under the window (good for your eyes too!) Love that cotton reel, those cirque papers are fab :) xx

  14. I'm exhausted...and all I've done is scroll down a couple of times to read about your activities LOL

    Super reel Annette and all those bits hidden inside - fabulous.

    Toni xx

  15. Thanks for sharing your space this week, I always enjoy visiting and hope you have a fabulous rest of the week. You need to recover from all that shifting! fab reel. Love those papers.

  16. I though your craft room was amazing. You seemed to move so much stuff and recreated another great crafting area. Good to see the cats have accommodate to the new locations for sleeping.

  17. Fantasic workspace ! awesome cotton reel

  18. Oh you made your workspace much better then it was before! Lots of work but you did well! Cotton real - fabulous!!!

  19. I´m amazed - that happened really fast! Congrats for your new working place!

  20. Cool project and cool room thanks for the snoop!

    Clare H

    Cute kitty too!

  21. So more of a where is my workdesk Wednesday! Well done on moving it all though.

  22. I'm jealous! Look at all that space and all that well organized stuff! I love rearranging projects like that - the results are SO satisfying. Bet you can't wait to get in there and start creating!

  23. Good lord girl, I bet that worked up a sweat! Those large Expedit units with the desk are no lightweights! Love the new look out though, always nice to have natural daylight too. Great cotton reel, lovely and arty!

    Brenda 88

  24. You've got such a lovely space to work in, I love it (and I'm also a bit envious, to be honest). I had to love when I saw your desk, my daughter has exactly the same one including the set up with the shelves, only hers is white with red drawers etc. Love the cotton reel!

  25. That move around made such a difference really have an amazing craft area.
    I really think that cotton reel container is such fun ...must remember not to throw the next gravey granules container ...need to have a play with it. Thanks for the idea.

  26. I like your new space. Looks bright and cheerie.

  27. I love that cotton reel, it's so inventive! Your work space looks amazing, I'm so jealous!

  28. LOVE that project! But then you may recall I adore Circus stuff :) And I agree - natural light from a window is the best. Cute cats too :)

    Mary Anne

  29. You perform magic, don't you? How great is that? Love all the hangings in the cotton reel. You are always coming up with unexpected ideas....awesome!!(:o)

  30. on my way to bed but won't sleep unless I do two things
    is where you get anti riot tea or teabags... sorry my brain works in mysterious ways and i sometimes have sudden recollections of comments made ages ago that I forgot to respond to,

    and I cannot cannot believe you really don't know the difference between the ink and the stain!

    ha ha

    it's as much fun reading the comments as the desk posts,

    I LOVE woywww!


  31. Good heavens you have been busy. It took me 3 days to rearrange my craftroom and you do it in a morning!
    Love the reel.
    Happy WOYWW

  32. Morning, me again...I think pills are working, or maybe I've just lost my legs...somewhere... Yes, I use my hair straighteners for hair, BU!!some one in my comments does use hers for ribbons!I don't usually use them in my craft room, which is why I'd spent all the day before looking and not finding them, only to see them in the WOYWW picture! I hadn't thought of using them for ribbons, it's surprising what you can learn on these trips around the WOYWW blogs...have a great week...

  33. Fabulous craft area now, made me tired just reading about it though! It would have taken me a week, I'm sure. Love your fur babies too!Happy WOYWW, Shaz

  34. Well, you show off! want to come and sort mine out too?? Just kidding, but I am very impressed. It does a soul good to root and sort things out. It's like shopping all over again. Love your finished cotton reel it's spectacular.

  35. Well done on moving so efficiently into the light. Your room is so swish and stylish and a space to be envied but it wouldn't look like that if I used it for a day or two. Love the cotton reel so much!
    JoZarty x

  36. Hello Di. Thanks for visiting - lovely comment.
    Your room looks great, and I know that flurry of activity that gets things moved when you have a plan. I'd give anything to have so much space and a second large desk for layout and larger equipment.
    Av fab!

  37. Ooo! I have at last had a peek at my desk!! And how civil of you to have a lounge area in there to sit whilst pouring over books/albums/drinking coffee!! Now let me just get my diary......!!

  38. WHEW!! I want your room. Seriously. Now. :)

  39. I don't know how you managed to accomplish the entire move, well almost the entire move, in just one day ... it would have taken me a tad longer :) Love your cotton reel - it's stunning, and to think it started off live as a gravy powder tub.

    I’ve a giveaway over on my blog, you might like to take a look at:-

    Elizabeth x #125

  40. Love your G45 project! Enjoying al your old posts!


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