Friday, 23 September 2011

That dress form again...

I have been playing with the Tim Holtz dress form all day... trying to come up with a version that I can use for a Christmas Fairy swap I have joined...
For some reason this one reminds me of Blackadder...
How about a fairy in a gold ballgown aka the bird cage die!!
I tried to do something with the book page version... I love the colour!!
My personal favourite is definitely the Yellow Pages version... it needs fairy wings though...


  1. They are amazing Annette, truly fabulous.

  2. They are all beautiful Annette.

    Toni xx

  3. OMG you have been having some fun.
    I can not choose a favourite but if I must it has to be ......... The ????? Still can't choose.LOL.

  4. Lovely work as always, afraid it won't be "playtime" with Doone and Jo as they are just two of the 25 in my workshop. Ah well, maybe another time.

    Hugs, Neet

  5. oh yes, the first one could easily be called ... Bob! Love them all ... have been inspired by you... and I am up to my elbows in folded bits of paper... hoping it turns out how I want it to... will let you know lol x

  6. it's the Elizabethan trousers that do it,

    they are all truly gorgeous, and gossamer blue film wings would certainly made the yellow pages one a fairy. I have a picture of quality street film wrappings that we used to look through to make everything the colour of the chocolate wrapping...


  7. Well done Baldrick! These are all beautiful!! Darn it - forgot to pinch oops I mean borrow the yellow pages from my office!!

  8. See, now I thinking Blackadder too! The book pages ones do it for me, absolutely. A pair of subtle gossamer wings on one of them and you're off. Yep. Literally!!

  9. Before I saw this post, I read the one above and thought about a dress form and the bird cage, and the Umbrella Man in the bird cage. Then I scrolled down and saw how you had used the bird cage with the dress form. Great minds really DO think alike. Of course, I think I like the Yellow Pages the best, too. I agree that wings will be a lovely addition to the mix. You really have some awesomely great dies there, my dear.

  10. Absolutely stunning!Had to laugh at the black adder remark but ...have to
    hugs judex


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