Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tim Holtz Dress Forms

I have been playing with my Sir Tim Sewing Die with the dress form on it... and at 2 a.m. this morning I had a thought... so I got up and tried it out...
I tore pages from a Chinese version of Gone With the Wind and had a play with them... you see, I have no problem ripping pages out of books in Chinese... I figure I am never going to want to read them!! ;)
I wasn't entirely happy with her... she still needed something so I gave her a spray with some Tattered Angels glimmer mist... hmmmm, still not sure....
So then I went off to Chris' study and dug out the Yellow Pages... the paper is already a lovely aged yellow and its very thin... so I cut heaps of the dress form shape and I like this version much better... 


  1. Oh My Chuffing chuff... this is... MAAAAYYYYYZING hun... LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it.......... how inspired!!

    Hey,.. you asked... dfference between Stains and Ink... they are the same thing/colour etc and both react with H2O... but teh Stains are liquid and make light work of colouring anything... tis like Distress in a bottle! HTH

    Thanks for sharing this...tis... perfection! x

  2. How clever and inspired are you ...brilliant.
    Hels answered a question above,that I have wondered about too ...inks v stains ...thanks Hels

  3. Oh my...that is really a great idea to use chinese bookpapers.
    With a grin...Elly (:o)

  4. OMG! you are just too clever! What is the matter with my brain that I don't think that creatively?????

  5. Yes, the yellow pages look very good.

  6. I'm totally impressed with that die. I wish I had that die cutting system. You make the most amazing art from dies like that one and the bird cage. Truly lovely!

    As for those pages, I think you are right. I believe the yellow pages are much better for this project. They brought out the beauty and color of the dress form in a way you couldn't get with the Chinese book pages and inks alone. Although I love oriental book pages, I think this 3-D art looks super with the added dimension of the page colors.

  7. She looks great!! I can't imagine where you got hold of a version of Gone With the Wind in Chinese.... but the Yellow Pages version is fantastic.

  8. Wow Annette, how fab is that...but 2am???

    Love the effect this creates and the coloured pages just add that little 'something' (just hope you don't need to use the Yellow Pages LOL)

    Toni xx

  9. WOW!! We don't have yellow pages at home but I wonder if our Reception in work would notice theirs has gone missing!!

  10. Oh that is wonderful. Are there any instructions on the net showing how to do it. Would love to try this.
    Hugs, Neet

  11. What a brilliant idea I love all of them xx

  12. Wow! This is incredibly cool. LOVE it!

  13. Good post, let a person big open horizon. I look forward to more updates and will be returning.Cheers!
    Regards:- Sandeep Sharma
    Tim Holtz



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