Thursday, 1 September 2011

Final Two Tip Ins!!

Hmmmm, yes, you can tell that these were the final two... but they are mine and I can sort them out properly when they come back home to roost...
All the worlds a stage... one of my fav Shakespeare quotes... oh yes, my subject for this group was 'theatre' but I also wanted it to tie in with my other subject...
which was Shakespeare... and I had another sheet of that pretty brown and gold paper out on the desk so that is what I used!!  LOL   I think it matches his brocade jacket with the braiding quite nicely.... that's my story and for the moment.... that's the one I'm sticking to!  
OK... got to go and put some clothes and get these little beggars in the post!!


  1. I have to agree with you - that paper matches old Will's doublet really well. Two really great cards and I love the matching tags. Elizabeth x

  2. I think they are the most beatiful things I have seen. I just don't understand why they are called Tip-ins

  3. Beautiful Annette - well done on getting them all completed.

    Toni xx

  4. Oh these are lovely Annette.

  5. I'm confused about having to send your own pages to the swap host, especially since each one of your tip-ins is so different. Maybe you could sit me down sometime and explain the logic of that (grin). My swaps require all items be the same or highly similar. I guess I don't understand the logic of it all. Of course, I really like how the paper matches Will's jacket so well. And I would love to know where you found the photo of earth from space. I found one but it was so small, it wouldn't enlarge. Way to go on yours.

  6. argghh

    you could have gone naked to the post office and given the neighbours something to talk about,

    it's true the last ones (of anything including children) always get least attention, I've started putting my first pages at the back of rebound books for that very reason...



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