Saturday, 11 October 2008

Abayas R Us

So we took ourselves to the mall - and as usual it was night time and I thought this lit up sign looked pretty! I have not a cookin clue what it says so if anyone out there wants to let me know... ?
and we ended up at AbayahsR Us... ok, so the shop's real name was something like Abayahs Bint El Noor - which sort of translates to me as "Abayahs for Girls All Black" and true to its name... that's what it was... a complete shop full of Abayahs in any colour you want as long as its black... Chris treated me to this one, the embroidery on the arms is gorgeous!! I wore it out to do the supermarket shopping on Thursday night and we met a work colleague of Chris', a lovely man called John, who complimented me on how nice I looked in my abayah..... I think he may have been in Saudi a wee bit too long.... LOL either that or he is after another English roast dinner!! ;)


  1. Need to see a pic of you wearing it Annette!

  2. That embroidery is so pretty! Oh and I haven't got a clue what the sign might say but you're right, it is very pretty!

    Love your notebook as well, gorgeous as always.

    Emma X

  3. Lovely stitching (not sure it will go with the hat - which we are still waiting to see LOL) I agree with Jo, we need to see pics of you in these things.

    Oh and by the way, the advent box count is now up to ten...hehe.

    Toni :o)

  4. You are such a good sport...going along with the dress code thing...well done!! Do you have to wear it over clothes when you are inside & out? Doesn't it get hot?

    Re. that sign...ummm? Don't have a clue ...then again why would I, I suppose :o)
    Good to see you scrapping again...great note book. By the way howzit going on the Zutter team...any assignments yet??

  5. This is really pretty Annette.

  6. Love the embroidery on the top.

  7. I hope it's not a rude sign!!


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