Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Some things need no translation...

Shopping in foreign countries can be an interesting adventure at the best of times but I knew what this drink was as soon as I saw it on the shelf... now if only everything else were as easy to identify... ;)
No, there is no Tesco's and shopping is going to be a challenge because I am not allowed to drive. So to be able to go to the supermarket I need Chris and he is at work 6 days a week... and has Fridays off... which means the shops are closed!! All the shops close during prayers and as prayers happen at a different time every day it all becomes a bit of military operation...
Here is our plan for shopping tonight after Chris gets home from work...

5:00pm Leave work
5:25pm Prayers start
5:30pm Pick up Annette and drive to Petrol Station
5:45pm Prayers Finish
5:50pm Arrive at Petrol Station
6:05pm Complete Fueling
6:15pm Enter Restaurant
6:39pm Prayers Start
6:59pm Prayers Finish
7:25pm Leave Restaurant
7:30pm Start Shopping
8:40pm Finish Shopping
9:00pm Arrive back at house

Kinda takes the spontaneity out of it, don't you agree? ;)


  1. No Tescos on your doorstep then??

  2. LOL! I actually was an Arabic Linguist in the Army. I can't really speak it anymore but I understand bits and pieces and can still read and write it. I don't have anyone to practice with so it has faded. Anyways, it is a difficult language to learn (thought possible) with the reading right to left and the varying sounds for each letter of our alphabet...Hopefully you can figure your way around soon!

  3. LOL! Too funny! It's a good thing, though, knowing tha some things are the same everywhere in this world.

  4. What--no shopping at the local open market stalls? Hmmm... uh...no! hee hee! I love shopping in other countries and buying goods that require reading directions and translating are a hoot, especially when the directions call out for metric measures. (What? I don't do metric or Celcius very well.)

  5. Your blog is a real window on the world for so many, I am sure. But as in any "foreign" land, something is always lost in translation... your photos and art, however, are understandably good in any language!

    Take care and I will check you soon!

  6. No Tesco, no Asda....HOW will you cope LOL I'm sure you will get into a routine.

    Toni :o)

  7. LOL did you end up on another planet ??? No tescos !!!! it must be another planet lol !!!

  8. Eesh! I forgot about all the praying...so I suppose it would take a bit a of plan to get anything done. Don't any of the supermarkets have a buy-online-delivery service? It might be worth looking into.
    The can says....'Nectar from the gods' right? hahaha! I'd be lost running out of that good stuff with no hope but to wait until the weekend to replenish. How big is your larder?
    Talking about delivery...does the scrapbook shop deliver?? Gotta get the priorities right hey????
    Keep well!

  9. It really does sound like you're on another planet - and what a pain about not being able to drive (ludicrous!). Your military operation made me laugh though! Hope it went smoothly!

  10. Certainly a very fixed routine - hope you don't run out of milk on a Wednesday! LOL

    It must be strange getting used to a new culture - but coke is coke everywhere isn't it?


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