Monday, 6 October 2008

Just to prove...

I am still here and scrapping... and because I can't show you the mini book I just finished yet!!

I have started to make little gifts ready for Christmas.... I know, I know, its ages away yet!! ;) So its notebooks for the moment and I like my little birdie!! :)
And I did try to get a photo of me in 'the hat' but it was awful.... so I will get Chris to take one this evening and you can have a laugh at my expense!! I'm sure it can be improved... I'm a scrapper, I have the tools, I have the stuff... I can make it better!!


  1. Good to see you're back in full production!!
    Its absolutely freezing here in the NE so I can truly say you arent missing anything. Its actually cold, drizzling and absolutely howling with wind!!
    I was up past your neck of the woods on Saturday night. Elder DS has a girlfriend!! Unfortunately she lives just past Stuartfield 9why cant he see someone nearer to home??!!). I had to take her home and passed "Fishie".

  2. Love the notebook Annette great idea for xmas.

  3. nice to see you scrapping and making your trademark mini books x Weather dreadful down here in not so sunny Bristol too ! xxx

  4. Cute little book--love this idea for Christmas.

  5. Love the birdie book Annette - and Christmas isn't that far away LOL.

    I'm sure you can 'alter' the hat so we really must see a before & after.

    Cold, yucky and drizzly here in South Essex :o(

    Toni :o)

  6. How are the lumps and bumps today? getting smaller, I hope!

    Love your wee birdie mini book!

    Sadly, Crimbo isn't that far away.


  7. I always love to see your fbby projects Annette and love the birdie book.

    Looking forward to seeing THAT hat :)

  8. Hi VV..good to see you are settled in and back making all your lovely things.
    Big congrats on making the BIA team.
    Its raining and freezing here is "sunny" Devon so enjoy your hat no matter what it looks like ! (take your bejeweller to it hun...Lol!)
    Take care x

  9. beautiful little book - a very nice christmas gift!
    Greetings from Germany

  10. lovely mini book. it so cute

    Claire x


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