Wednesday, 22 October 2008

If you go down to the beach today....

you will have it completely to yourself!! I had a stroll down about 7.45 a.m. and the water was like a mill pond, nobody in sight... I collected shells, fed the fish and sat....
One set of footprints...
and the fish were happy to see me and my bag of bread!
and I solved the mystery of the little balls of sand and perfect holes... little crabs make them!! They are the weirdest thing to watch... if you stand very still for a loooong time then they all pop out of the holes with a ball of sand, deposit it and pop right back down again! I've been to the beach loads of times and wondered what created the balls of sand but never saw anything until today...
maybe its because I was wearing my new sandals and not my Crocs!! How cool are they? They are made of plastic so I can wade in the water and they cost £1.00 !!! LOL


  1. I've debated taking the littlest down to the beach as we love it and haven't been as much as usual this year.

    I very well might take her next week having read your blog!

  2. Ah man , the beach looks so lovely !! glad you managed to figure out the little sand balls, how cool is that ? You must have sat there for ages watching the little crab.

  3. How cute is that little crab?!!!
    Love your sandals - such a bargain!
    Thje beach is gorgeous. Have you been swimming there yet?

  4. Love those sandals they were a good buy. Love the photos

  5. How cool are those little hardworking crabs!!

  6. Busy little critters these crabs. And nice sandals - can't beat that price.

  7. I am soooooooooooooo Jealous!! The beach looks beautiful - I wish i lived near the sea, I am sure I wouldn't be so neurotic lol.

    Vron xx

  8. cool beach photos!!!


    Thanks for the sweet comment you left me as well! :)

  9. little crabs make balls of sand how cute x £1.00 for a pair of sandles Amazing !

  10. Really beautiful posting! Good imagination!!!!!!!

  11. How sweet is your pic of the little crab!, bargain sandals, & you can paddle in them too!,
    I would so like to be on that beach right now!! lol xx

  12. Hi Annette
    Hey your legs are changing colour.
    That must be entertaining to watch the crabs.


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