Saturday, 4 October 2008

Thoughts from the Persian Gulf...

or as they seem to call it here... the Arabian Gulf! I must be old... its always been the Persian Gulf to me but time moves on.... and today I am not paddling in my very own little spot in the Arabian Gulf but staying out of the sun and heat... my poor skin so used to the summers of Scotland when we cheer if it goes over 20 degrees is suffering from the heat and I have really horrid heat bumps all over my shoulders and arms, which to add insult to injury, are really itchie and sore. Chris and I ventured into a local pharmacy yesterday armed with my dwindling package of Piriton antihistimine tablets and voila, the wee mannie produced something off the shelf with the same ingredients immediately!! So its stay in the cool of the AC for a few days and let them the bumps settle and maybe take my doses of sunshine in smaller amounts from here on in!! ;)
We then went searching for a hat for me to wear in the sun... no hats... nothing, zilch. Presumably there isn't a huge market for women's sunhats in this country (I can't imagine why) ;) I figured I was doomed to heatstroke.... but in the mall we found a shop that was full of gorgeous handbags (I spotted a rather nice Fendi bag which called to me... till I saw the price tag when I figured it was actually calling to the rich sheik guy over the other side of the shop) and there in the bottom of a display were 2 sunhats... you could choose pink or orange, that was it... both the same size, same floppy idiot shape, you had the choice of pink flowers or orange flowers. I chose the orange and you will not be seeing photos of me wearing this thing as its not particularly flattering... but it will do the job.

Oh and I have to show you what Chris bought me, it is so tiny and so sweet.... its a memory stick!! Yes, and it holds 4 Gygs!! Isn't that the cutest little memory stick you could wish to see? LOL I recall the first memory sticks... we were in Jo'burg and I bought one for Chris and one for Christopher... Chris' was 120 Mb and cost me £80.00 whilst Christopher's was 60 Mb and cost me about £40.00 eeeek! This gorgeous little gem cost..... wait for it..... £8.00 !! Can you believe it???


  1. Awww that's sooo cute Annette, I want one!

    Glad you're settling in though and enjoying yourself. You'll just be forced to do some scrapping whilst you have to stay indoors!


  2. Ah Annette are you and Chris taking orders for these..rofl.
    have you time to take on a challenge on the papergirls's to alter an envelope.
    keep us informed of your days in the sun
    chriss x

  3. This is beautiful . I was just popping in from a link on Fiskerettes (not UKS for a change) and didnt realise it was you until i saw your header. please do check out uk fiskerettes as from monday there will be big changes :)

  4. ooh how pretty is that memory stick!!!! so gorgeous..... xxx

  5. c/mon - show us the hat Annette!!
    Commiserations re heat bumps - hope they clear up, and I wonder if I can get a memory stick like that in Dubai (or a £1 copy in Bangkok!!!)
    Donna x

  6. See if you can get youself some aqueous cream and add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil, that should sort your lumps and bumps out. You could also add tea tree to stop bites, though that doesn't smell as nice!

    Yes we do want to see the hat!

  7. Hi Annette! Haven't been on your blog for a while so just want to comment in general.

    Love your new home and I'm so jealous of the beach! I want to move in with you!!

    Love your pink chair too!

    Congrats with Chris' graduation and good luck with the rest of your stay in Saudi - not that you're gonna need any luck really - looks perfectly heavenly to me! :) Enjoy!

  8. Sorry to hear about the lumps & bumps but there is no way you can play chicken and not show us THE HAT - get Chris to wear it if you don't want us to see a piccie of you in the flowery creation LOL

    The memory stick is just too cute for words.

    Toni :o)

  9. sorry you're struggling in the heat, it's not pleasant....

  10. Your memory stick is GORGEOUS! Must see if DH can find me something like that! Sorry to hear about all the heat bumps and itchiness (I fully sympathise, being prone to that myself). Hopefully, the pills and the new hat will help from now on!

  11. Wow that memory stick is cute!! What an interesting adventure you are having, even though it is painful. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Lovely lovely blog you have Annette! Thanks for your visit and your kind remarks too.
    Take Care.

  13. Firstly - ta muchly for the link to the coffins! :)

    Secondly - I hope you get rid of the heat bumps quick sharp. There would be no danger of you getting them if you still lived here in the wilds of Scotland - it's flippin' freezing!! Brrrrr.

    Love the memory stick and I agree with all the others -let us see your hat! Lol


  14. Love that memory stick, so cute and at that price amazing.

    Hope those heat bumps go away soon !!!


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