Monday, 27 October 2008

Oh the embarassment of it...

The day started off well, albeit a tad early... I get up at 5 a.m. to see Chris off to work and I haven't as yet been able to persuade my brain to just wave him goodbye from the doorstep and return to bed for another couple of hours sleep... so I sat and made up the trick or treat bags ready for the weekend. I perused the Village phone directory and worked out there are 20 children so allowed an extra five in case of visitors or guests... I think they look quite presentable!!
and then I went on to working on a mini book... but come dinner time I was preparing dinner and managed to set fire to the oven cloth which was resting on the back stove ring... which isn't so bad, you say... I turned on the expelair oven thingy and turned up the aircon and was congratulating myself on the fact that the smoke alarm only made a couple of beeps when the doorbell rang... a wee mannie asked if everything was alright as the alarm had gone off in the admin office..... well poop, this is what happens when you live in one of these highly sophisticated villas... you can't even burn dinner without everyone being informed!! He said he would return with the electrician mannie to reset the alarm... which he did, and the electrician mannie had a wee mannie who holds the ladder whilst he goes up to reset the alarm... and then they go to my understairs cupboard and get the vacuum out and have a tidy in case they made a mess... and I am mortified because they are smiling and being nice and know I burned dinner... (well, the oven mitt anyways)... but one good thing has come of it!! The carpenter is coming tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. to put up the two oil paintings that have been sitting against the wall for weeks....

So, now I am not only the batty Brit who wears her slippers in the supermarket but I also burn dinner... its not doing my street cred much good, is it? :)

and the wee carpenter mannie turned up bright and early and hung the paintings for me! Now the really funny bit about these paintings is that Chris bought them when he was in Korea some 30 years ago and neither of us really like them... they are so big they dominant any wall I put them on in our home in Scotland.... well, I had to smile after the carpenter left this morning because they look sort of lost on the walls in this house!!
Here's the other one at the lounge end... so why did I ship them half way round the world? Well, it seemed practical to bring things that I would not be heartbroken if they got damaged... and I might actually find someone mad enough to buy them off me before I leave!! LOL
Oh and this is the little middle reception lounge type place in the middle of the other two... perfect for afternoon tea and cucumber sandwiches, don't you think? Just remember to crook your little finger when you pick your tea cup up.... ;)


  1. I'm not laughing...honest!
    Lovely cute goody bags x

  2. Wow! Your halloween goodie bags look amazing! Very inspired and what lucky children in your village. I'm afraid I just bought some sweets at the local shop.

  3. Oh you have such a way with words Annette, I've had a right giggle, no ... a good old laugh at reading this.I then caught up with the previous post and had another laugh at the thought of them rushing down the road for the pillows - you are certain that he didn't go home and swipe them off his bed aren't you? LOL
    You seem to have settled in so well and by the sound of it enjoying it there.
    Take care

  4. LOL--Those boxes are soo cute!!! Well, at least you'll get your pictures hung!

  5. hahaha I was reading this and making up the end as I went. I REALLY thought it was going to end with a ...

    and I flung the tea towel in the air it landed on the BEAUTIFUL little Halloween cones and set fire to them all.

    what was YOUR ending, blog readers?

  6. Oh! What an adventure! Well, your projects are beautiful, nonetheless. Pssst...I burned dinner the first night in my new house & with the new oven, and I had family in.......)

  7. Annette, the goodie bags are gorgeous.
    Sorry but I can't stop chuckling, you have the best escapades & you put them down on paper so well :) you should write a book.

  8. LOL, you've made my day! No, not your mishap but the picture in my mind of these wee mannies running around with a vacuum cleaner! You should try your hand at cartoon script writing. You'll make a bundle!

  9. Oh Annette what are you like!!
    You gave me a good ol' chuckle :-)
    Cute halloween bags.

  10. Oh, where's my hankie - I've got tears running down my face! I can just see you going crimson while they're all smiling and cleaning up after themselves (hope your understairs cupboard was tidy!!!)

  11. would I do such a thing (LOL).

    The Trick/treat goodies are fab.

    Toni :o)

  12. I did n't laugh either ... much!!!

  13. Love the "jublies"...not sure if I spelt it right.
    I made these for the party bags when Imran had a Halloween party 2 years back except I couldn't get the ends to stick together so ended up sewing them on the machine!


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