Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I think I started a new fashion...

Little Merrick, who lives next door to me, must have seen my hat and decided he just had to have one too! LOL He certainly looks cuter in his than I do in mine and that's with chocolate chip cookies all over his face...
Made a couple of ATC's this morning - Saudi Sandstorm... well, I had to do something after the dismal failures of the Batik technique of Hels.... and no, you do not get to see the failures!!
Here is my grown-ups Advent Calendar... not sure I really want a visual reminder of how many shopping days are left before panic sets in...


  1. Love the colours on the ATC-So you are setting the fashion standards over there LOL

  2. How busy you have been AND how gorgeous they are too.

    your little friend is adorable...see what you mean about the trend you have set.
    chriss x

  3. Your little friend obviously know 'chic' when he sees it LOL

    I love the colours of your ATCs and that grown-up advent is super.

    Toni :o)

  4. Fab adult advent reminder, is it only 23 days!!!!

  5. i'll take some of the chocolate chip cookies that merrick is having :)

  6. The grown up advent calendar is gorgeous.
    Love your little friends hat :)

  7. Gorgous atc's such rich colours. I adore this grown up advent calender, how clever! Pascale :)


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