Thursday, 2 October 2008

Its all in the wording...

DH came home from work last night and asked me what I had been doing.... so I said "making coffins for next door's kids"..... so he raised his eyebrows and asked if they had upset me....
No, they hadn't... they are two of the cutest little guys and I was making them little coffins to hold Hershey Kisses for Halloween!! LOL
I used this template for the coffin.


  1. Loving looking at your blog! It's all quite new to me. Your house is unbelieveable - I am so jealous! The little coffins are so sweet - are they from a template or have you designed them yourself?

  2. Your blog is great - loving the house (not jealous at all).

  3. Love those coffins, Annette!

    Do you have a template?

    Hallowe'en is a BIG thing in our family - and not just for the kids! We all start months in advance, thinking about what we want to wear, then making our costumes.

  4. the coffins, might have to have a go at some of these (might make a bit of a change to the advent boxes - hehe).

    Toni :o)

  5. Now I am going to HAVE to make my DGD one of these.
    My DD thinks I am mad this will just confirm it.
    Thanks for the link Annette I am sure your 2 little next door neighbours will love them.

  6. Toooo cute!!! Love the "tomb" comment!

  7. Oh great!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks - this is such good timing!!! We've just decided (last minute) to have a Halloween party this year (our first Halloween party ever, gotta make it special!)and I was looking for ideas for invites - this is a perfect idea!!! Can't wait to get started on this one!!! Ah, I've got so much Halloween prep to do and unlike you I'm not the most organized person!!!

    BTW your neighbours are gonna love the coffins and you will be their favourite new neighbour!!!

  8. this is sooooo fab i like halloween not the begging thing but i love the dressing up

  9. WOW, these coffins are so cute!

  10. rofl hahahaha,
    you are a scream, love the wording too.
    chriss x

  11. Oh, excellent! Thanks for sharing this.


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