Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Ooooh but I just hate them....

cockraoches that is... one of the best things about living in Scotland... no roaches!! There I was sitting at the scrap table, playing away quite happily when a scurrying movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention! Cockroach alert!! Its something about them... they are unmistakable and creepy and make my skin crawl... the little blighter is no more... he was PifPaffed to death... and I want to know who thought it was a clever name for an insect repellant/cockroach killer... Pif Paf... and its market? Saudi Arabia... where they speak Arabic... and Arabic has a missing letter in its alphabet... P. They all pronounce P as a B - so its actually Bif Baf here... but Bif Baf or Pif Paf it just doesn't spell death to roaches and other yucky insects that invade my home.... In South Africa we always bought DOOM - now that said it... DOOM... get sprayed with this stuff and you have met your DOOM.... not get Pif Paffed to death!!
So, no more scrapping for me... I am now in manic mode and will have to clean and disinfectant and mop and vacuum until I know there aren't friends lurking of the unfortunate fellow who got Pif Paffed!! ;) And can someone please pass me a Bebsi Cola? LOL


  1. Cockroaches - ack,ack,ack!!! Hate the little blighters. There's just something really creepy about a creature that can live without its head for days and days.
    Hope you've managed to get rid of them completely.



  2. Oh the hair is up on my arms as I read this....Hope you get them all! How rude of them to invade your scrappy sanctuary like that.

  3. Blurrggh! Cockroaches yuk, i had to kill one on holiday once as DH was too scared! lol, i put a magazine over it & stamped on it, & that noise when you stamp on it is disgusting! (the kids nicknamed him 'Colin' as you do! lol
    Hope you pif paf them all!
    Rach x

  4. Yuck...I don't like bugs of any shape or form. Hope the Pif Paffing has done the job.

    Toni :o)

  5. hate those things too !! here, we call insecticide ByGone... bye bye and be gone ! :D

  6. Ewwwwww hope you manage to get rid of em all had to laugh at the piff paff looking further down your blog page that cake looks rather yummy :)

  7. So you don't want to know how many babies they can have then.

    Nor will you want to know that you are missing the snow back home??

  8. Yeurk! I have never actually seen a cockroach but Yeurk anyway!

  9. omg I am 'bissing' myself laughing at this and your burnt oven glove.

    Hope you are settling in well.

  10. I hate cockroaches, all creepy and crawly. But only you could make it sound funny. Thank you for making me chuckle. LOL. Hope you get the lot of them!

  11. Ick! I hope you manage to get them ll and can recommence scrapping soon!

  12. Sounds absolutely awful and I would need plenty of Pif Paf!!!!

  13. I love reading your blog, it never fails to make me laugh Anette. I love your sense of humour:o) Yummy cake by the way.

  14. I hate the sound of the cockroaches.

  15. Hahahaha! funny name indeed...can't be Bif Baf surely...cos where I come from that sorta means a nasty smell & gets raised eyebrows.
    The last time I say one of those critters I tossed a blank CD at it I then squished...it got wedged in the center hole...head first...quite cool actually. Never say any again...it musta scared the others off.
    Don't panic tho'....cockroaches don't necessarily mean dirt...they thrive in humid places...just like in Durban. Watch for babies...that'll tell if they are breeding, if there aren't any, it means he probably flew in from outside.
    'Tres chic maison' by the way!

  16. tagged you!
    read my blog for deets!

    and YUCK on the cockroaches!

  17. You poor thing - hate them. Only know to well what it's like living with these bugs - yuk.
    Its when they fly they make me shudder.
    Piff Paff to Roaches!!!!!



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