Saturday, 25 October 2008

Shopping in downtown Jubail..

So it was Friday and Chris' day off, so we spent the day quietly, went for a walk along the beach and fed the fishes, I introduced him to the little crabs that make the balls of sand - which amazingly are called sand bubble crabs!! Everything here is closed on Fridays till 4 oclock in the afternoon and people had warned me that Jubail is manic, the shops are little individual shops, some with air con, some without - not your shopping mall type of place... well, that sounds like my type of place - you never know what you will find and once found, you can barter/haggle over the price and know you are coming home with a bargain!!

I found this gorgeous bedset in bronze with fringes and dangly crystals beads, 8 pieces in all, the comforter, 3 little cushions, a tissue box cover, 2 pillow cases and the thingy you put over your mattress to hide the edges of the bed... no idea what it is called!! LOL Sharon provided the word - its a valance!! I knew that!! ;) Price? £30.00 for the lot!! Yahooooo - one happy bunny bounced out of there!!
Had to pick up some prayer mats didn't I? This house is tiled floors everywhere and I figure come winter people might appreciate a mat next to the bed.

Ooooh, and these... now the four glass balls Chris bought me in a proper shopping mall a couple of weeks ago - I think they will look lovely for Christmas but in this weird little shop yesterday I found the bowl with just the right colour tortoiseshell inner and the bowl cost me the same as one of those balls!!
We also found the feather pillow shop!! Well, actually we never found the feather pillow shop... we tried lots of bedding places (thus I found the bedset) but only foam pillows were available and I was giving up hope... then we found this shop and asked the owner if he had feather pillows... and he told us to wait in the shop and disappeared off down the street.... returning a few minutes later with 5 feather pillows in his arms!! Now you don't get that sort of service at home... they might at a push phone to see if another branch has something... but they don't go rushing out the door to the other branch to fetch the stuff back for you!! He even offered us a cold drink or tea... and reduced the price on the five pillows we bought by 10 Riyals each (about £1.50)!!


  1. Another successful shopping trip - I love that bedding.

    Toni :o)

  2. That bedding is so sumptuous looking! Love the balls in the bowl too.

    So, if the shops don't open till 4.00pm, what time do they close? Hope it isn't 5!! Lol


  3. Fantastic shopping Annette!!
    I love bangkok for the same reason - haggling, unusual stuff and lots of bargains!!

  4. Hi there,

    I just found your blog on the binditall blog and just had to come by and say hello.

    Your work is beautiful!!!

    The name Jubail just jumped of the page at me. It is interesting to read though your posts and see you struggling with the same things I did when I first arrived.

    You see - I live in Khobar.

    It is so nice to see someone here that is into the same things I am.

    I will keep up with you through your blog now.


  5. Great shopping photos!

    Question for you -- how will you wash the bedding? I'd be too afraid of it getting destroyed in the washer. Dry clean only?

  6. Hi Sharyn! If you come back... do you have a blog? At least you have the 'scrap' shop in town!! :)

  7. Enjoy your shopping, looks like some unique items. Great scrapbook ideas and inspiration!

  8. Looks like some great shopping and scrapbook inspiration!!!

  9. Looks like some fab shopping, scrapbooking insiration!!!

  10. Wow brilliant shopping trip, can you send me some of those feathers pillows please, hee hee.

  11. wow wow what a bargain and the set is gorgeous...looks like you are being spoilt and why not? lol.
    and fantastic table coasters and serviette rings... well doe.
    chriss x

  12. gosh thats a silly time to open lol, i saw you were on the bind it all design team it is your right lol? if not ima look a fool hehe

  13. Not only a lovely location but yummy shopping too :)

  14. I love that bowl...the colour in it is gorgeous.....

  15. Love the new bedding and what a bargain too! Wonder if the name you're looking for is valance??? or is it something different from a valance?

  16. You've bought some gorgeous stuff Annette, i especially love those glass balls, & how cheap is everything!!
    Rach x

  17. I love the bedding set,it's so gorgeous.Well done on the BIA design team,although they'd have been nuts not to have you on it.Love,love,love all your little books.

    Cass xxx

  18. I just love all of your altered books but your photography is equally as beautiful!!
    Love all of your bargains... such beautiful things... the bedding is stunning and I just LOVE the glass balls in the bowl :D
    Chris xx

  19. Love your purchases!! You are going to have to do a LOT of praying on those mats!!

  20. My goodness...that place is a shopping paradise. You'll need two containers to house all your treasures when it's time to go home.

    Sounds like an adventure of a lifetime.


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